Success Story: London Health Sciences Centre

  • London, Ontario, Canada
  • 12,000 Digital Phones
  • Variphy Customer Since 2011

"Variphy is rock-solid - great UC products, great support. I like the company, and I recommend their tools."
- Liam Walsh, Technical Analyst, Voice and Wireless

"We mostly use Variphy's call history reporting, but we've also found uses for Variphy's other tools, including change management and audit."
- Keegan Veilleux, Technical Analyst, Voice and Wireless

June 27, 2016

The Challenge

Having implemented Cisco's Unified Communications Manager (UCM), LHSC's networking team found the built in tools lacked functionality, and provided limited visibility into historical call activity. "There wasn't one use case that drove us to look for better tools," said Keegan Veilleux of LHCS's IT team, "It was that there were so many tasks that took so long to sort through."

"The urgency did go up when we needed to manage incidents with the police, such as tracking calls to an employee being harassed."

"We realized that we had this powerful UC system, but we didn't have the tools or the reporting to manage it effectively," added Liam Walsh, Veilleux's peer.

The Solution

In 2011, the team searched for a call detail records (CDR) tool, and found Variphy online. After a short demo with Variphy's sales team, team member James Tavares downloaded a trial version of Variphy Insight. The evaluation focused on Call Analytics, specifically call history, call quality and capacity utilization.

"The implementation was very easy," said Tavares. "We loaded our call history data, and were able to produce reports within a couple hours. Now, we have several reports generated and sent to the groups that use them."

"What’s been great is the flexibility to handle ad hoc requests and situational issues," said Derek Motloch, the fourth tech on LHCS's voice and wireless team. "One time, our phone manufacturer required the serial numbers of several thousand phones to address a support issue, but we didn't have automation to pull the numbers. It wasn't a standard feature in Variphy, but we worked with Variphy's support team, and quickly got the data."

Use of Variphy's other tools is limited, but impactful. "We use the audit feature, and the change management feature, to help reclaim licenses, identify unknown phones on the network - that sort of thing," added Walsh.

The Impact

"For us, the main impact is that we get more done," said Veilleux. "The automated reporting keeps our business users happy, and we're able to resolve issues quickly and easily. That leaves more time for doing more project work."

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