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Show Lines or Directory Numbers with Call Forwarding Settings

Created by brian on Jan 27, 2014 and last updated on Jun 5, 2017 in Category: As-Built Reporting

Variphy Insight's As-Built Reporting has the ability to generate a report showing all directory numbers or phones, in a variety of output formats, including PDF, Word, and Excel/CSV. A common need or request we hear is for a report which shows all the directory numbers or phones with call forwardin... Read More >

Support for CUCM Device Defaults?

Created by Variphy on Aug 2, 2013 and last updated on May 23, 2017 in Category: As-Built Reporting

Variphy Insight does provide reporting and change management for Device Default information in CUCM.  The following fields will be shown when producing CUCM as-built/configuration reports in Variphy Insight and will be compared when generating a comparison report: Product Name Protocol (e.g.... Read More >

Unassigned Unassociated Items Appear in Speed Dial and Lines Report

Created by layne on Mar 20, 2014 and last updated on Mar 20, 2014 in Category: As-Built Reporting

For a phone in CUCM Administration, there is the concept of Unassigned Unassociated Items, which appear in the lower left hand menu under Association Information the configured directory numbers and speed dials.   Unassigned Unassociated Items are lines and speed dials which were pre... Read More >

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