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Quick View into Phone Control

Created by edgar on Mar 18, 2016 and last updated on Mar 18, 2016 in Category: Blog

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Variphy 9.3: CUCM CDR Call Analytics & Statistics Reporting

Created by Variphy on Nov 12, 2015 and last updated on Nov 23, 2015 in Category: Blog

Ready for Variphy Insight 9.3? Variphy Insight now delivers new configurable call analytics and statistics reporting options for Call History reports. Call Scenarios & Statistic Data Using built-in and easy to select call scenario options, such as connected, not connected, answered, abandoned... Read More >

Variphy 9.1: Improvements Across The Board

Created by Variphy on Jun 8, 2015 and last updated on Jun 8, 2015 in Category: Blog

Ready for Variphy Insight 9.1? We've listened to and executed on loads of valuable feedback from our customers and partners to improve upon many of our products features.  Cisco CTI Manager Service Integration for Deleting ITL/Trust List Settings in Bulk As an optional alternative to HT... Read More >

Deleting/Resetting ITL, Trust List or Security Settings with Variphy Insight

Created by Variphy on Jun 6, 2015 and last updated on Jun 6, 2015 in Category: Blog

Since the introduction of CUCM 8.0, the need to delete or reset ITL/Trust List settings on Cisco IP phones in bulk has been widely reported.  Invalid or mismatched ITL/Trust List settings can impede many functions for Cisco IP phones, such as the ability to be moved and registered from one clus... Read More >

Variphy 9.0.1: Modernized and Updated

Created by Variphy on Feb 10, 2015 and last updated on Feb 10, 2015 in Category: Blog

We're very excited to be releasing Variphy 9.0.1! Our product team has been hard at work, incorporating much needed modernizations to the system platform, installation & upgrade process, in addition to some much needed feature improvements.   Native O.S. Support and a Modernized Platform ... Read More >

Looking for a Better Cisco CDR Call Reporting Solution?

Created by Variphy on Jul 15, 2014 and last updated on Jul 15, 2014 in Category: Blog

Why do Variphy users consistently say that they love our product? Maybe because we build what they request, delivered in a simple, easy to use format. You asked for enhanced Cisco CDR reporting, and now with Variphy 8.1, you have it. One of the biggest differentiators between Variphy and other Call... Read More >

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