New Feature: DN Management

New Feature: DN Management

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We've Added a New Feature to Variphy's Tools & Analytics for Cisco UC in Version 10.0: DN Management


So you have a new user joining your company - for which you need to provision in your Cisco UC system.  

What directory number should you assign to him/her?  Is that managed via a spreadsheet and if so, is that spreadsheet up to date?

Based upon lots of feedback from Variphy's user and partner base, one of the common limitations with CUCM is that it's difficult for an administrator to easily identify that a directory number (such as "10111") is available for assignment, meaning it doesn't yet exist .  

Because it doesn't exist in CUCM, this directory number (and any others which don't exist) will simply not appear in any CUCM report or search, leaving the administrator to have to somehow identify the "gaps" to reveal which numbers are available.

Since Directory Number 10111 doesn't appear in the following sample screenshot below, it's available but doesn't that seem too cumbersome to identify?

Find Available CUCM DN


How Variphy Insight's DN Management Simplifes DN Management

With Variphy Insight, you can now quickly and visually identify the 1st and/or all directory numbers which are available in a range of DNs, as well as which are assigned and active versus those which are unassigned - meaning they exist in CUCM but are not active or assigned to a device. 

  • Quickly search a directory number range such as "1011X" ('X' is a wildcard digit to represent 10110-10119) and identify how many (and which) directory numbers are available, inactive/unassigned, and/or active 
  • Find the 1st N count of directory numbers which are available
  • Generate a report in PDF/XLSX for a directory number range identifying the utilization per status and details for each directory number

  Find the first available DN in CUCM


Variphy Insight will always show the current information directly from CUCM, so there's no worries about spreadsheets becoming out of date or shared ones getting overwritten by multiple administrators. 

Produce a full report in PDF or XLSX for entire DN range to facilitate a dial plan cleanup project:

Variphy Directory Number Report By Status

Let Variphy Help Simplify DN Management and your Move, Add, & Change Process

If you're not yet a user of Variphy, we invite you to take a test drive, via a demo with our solutions team and/or a fully featured trial in your own environment, that we can have up and running in 30 minutes or less.  Start Your Free Trial Today >>  

Current Variphy Users - this is a new feature in Variphy 10.0, which is available in Beta now.  Join the Beta Program >> 


- The Variphy Team

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