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Installing a Variphy Patch on a Linux Server

Created by edgar on Jan 12, 2018 and last updated on Jan 18, 2018 in Category: Troubleshooting

Step 1.  Download the required patch using the link provided by Variphy Support:   Step 2.  Connect to the Variphy server via (S)FTP.  For this example we will be using FileZilla to connect to our Variphy Virtual Appliance, move the patch from your downloads folder to the "/o... Read More >

Export CUCM Data Sync

Created by edgar on Aug 4, 2016 and last updated on Sep 26, 2017 in Category: Troubleshooting

CUCM DATA SYNC When generating Call History and other Call Analytics reports, Variphy Insight often needs to identify and use CUCM information, such as the description of a phone or device, the devices or directory numbers that identify a user, the users which are in a department, or the devices wh... Read More >

Insight not loading correctly

Created by edgar on Jun 13, 2017 and last updated on Jul 28, 2017 in Category: Troubleshooting

Internet browsers temporarily store images, scripts, and other parts of Insight and other websites you visit in order to help speed up your browsing experience.  Sometimes, especially after upgrades, Insight will appear incomplete or the page may look choppy with missing or overlapping com... Read More >

How to request an Admin password reset for Variphy Insight or CDR Manager version 9

Created by brian on Jul 18, 2014 and last updated on May 23, 2017 in Category: Troubleshooting

If the password for the default 'Admin' user in Variphy Insight is lost or forgotten and/or needs to be reset, you can request it to be reset via an email to .   To Request the password reset:   1) Stop the Variphy Insight Windows Service 2) Loca... Read More >

Variphy Insight Installation/Upgrade Log File

Created by Variphy Engineering on Jan 26, 2015 and last updated on May 23, 2017 in Category: Troubleshooting

For Variphy Insight 9.0 and later, an installation log file will get created each time an initial installation or upgrade is performed.  The log files contain valuable information that can be very useful when troubleshooting issues with installations or upgrade.  If there is an error duri... Read More >

Insight will not launch after changing the Hostname of a Variphy OVA appliance

Created by brian on May 22, 2017 and last updated on May 23, 2017 in Category: Troubleshooting

If the hostname of a Variphy server is changed with the Hostname command, Insight may fail to launch afterward. After the server is rebooted, or the Variphy service is restarted, it may fail to load the Insight login page with an Apache Tomcat error. You can confirm if this is due to changing the h... Read More >

SMTP with Gmail does not work with SSL secure authentication in Variphy Insight

Created by brian on Jan 29, 2016 in Category: Troubleshooting

PROBLEM: When attempting to create a secure SMTP connection from Variphy to a Gmail service using SSL and port 587, the test email may fail.   SYMPTOM: Test emails will not go through and the SMTP setup page in insight will show the message "An Error occured" when trying to send the test emai... Read More >

How to disable SSL v3 in Variphy Insight and CDR Manager to address POODLE vulnerability

Created by brian on Mar 4, 2015 and last updated on Jun 11, 2015 in Category: Troubleshooting

PROBLEM: The current versions of Variphy Insight and CDR Manager run on an Apache Tomcat v8 web server interface. While this new platform adresses most of the vulnerabilities and security concerns of the previous versions, which ran on Apache Tomcat v5.5.36, there is still a vulnerability in v8 cal... Read More >

Cluster Report Fails to Run

Created by brian on Jan 29, 2014 and last updated on Feb 10, 2015 in Category: Troubleshooting

Issue: In Variphy Insight 8.0.8658, you may encounter the following type of error when trying to run the Cluster Report in the Licensing section of the Setup Tab. HTTP Status 500  type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it f... Read More >

Can't get to Variphy Insight or CDR Manager UI Login Screen

Created by layne on Sep 16, 2013 and last updated on Jan 27, 2015 in Category: Troubleshooting

 After an initial installation of Variphy Insight or CDR Manager, if the login page/user interface does not appear after a reasonable period of time (say 3-5 minutes) and instead a Page Not Found or HTTP 404 error appears in the browser, this might be because the HTTP port which Variphy Insight... Read More >

No CDR Data Found for time period

Created by layne on Sep 20, 2013 and last updated on Jul 18, 2014 in Category: Troubleshooting

If there doesn't appear to be any recent CDR data visible in Variphy Insight, say for the current or previous day(s), there could be a few possible causes:   1) Confirm that Variphy CDR Manager is running Login into Variphy CDR Manager and confirm that the Cluster is Active (via the Clusters... Read More >

Search for Hunt Pilot Group Members does not show Individual lines called

Created by brian on Jan 27, 2014 and last updated on Jul 18, 2014 in Category: Troubleshooting

PROBLEM: When you run call usage searches on Hunt Pilot groups, you are unable to view information on the invidual lines within the hunt group that were dialed SOLUTION: In Call Manager Service Parameters (versions 8.0 and later), "Show Line Group Member DN in finalCalledPartyNumber CDR... Read More >

How to Download CUCM AXL Trace Logs from RTMT

Created by layne on Jun 20, 2014 and last updated on Jul 11, 2014 in Category: Troubleshooting

Trace log files generated by the Cisco AXL Web Service running on the CUCM Publisher server can be very helpful when troubleshooting and diagnosing issues where Variphy Insight is unable to capture information from CUCM via AXL.  The log files can help identify how CUCM is handling and performi... Read More >

Unable to Start Variphy Insight Service

Created by layne on Sep 16, 2013 and last updated on Oct 28, 2013 in Category: Troubleshooting

If the Variphy Insight Windows Service fails to or is unable to start, the following error/dialog messages may be shown by the Windows Services Panel: Example Windows Services error message: Could not start the Variphy Insight service on local Computer.  Error 1: Incorrect function Example ... Read More >

Troubleshooting Single Sign On with Active Directory (AD)

Created by Variphy TAC on Feb 1, 2011 and last updated on Oct 2, 2013 in Category: Troubleshooting

An entry exists in the system for each configured user login.  If the user is specified as an Active Directory user, no password is stored for this user and instead the Active Directory server reference is stored for the user. During the user login process, Variphy Insight performs the followin... Read More >

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