Audit Log Analysis - Track WHO made changes!

How can you easily tell who made a change to the CUCM configuration? How about identifying what has changed? With one of Variphy Insight's latest features, Audit Log Analysis, you have the ability to identify who made that change to the dial plan yesterday that nobody is owning up to.

What are Audit Logs and how can they help me?

The creation of audit logs in Cisco Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions is a feature that can be enabled for most product types, such as Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection, and Contact Center Express.

Once enabled, information about attempted and executed tasks such as command line interface (CLI) instructions as well as moves, adds, changes, and deletions via the administration interface will be written in the audit log files. The information in the logs can help identify when a particular task was executed, which administrative user login performed the operation, whether it was successful or not, and from which IP address it originated from.

For more information and frequently asked questions, see the FAQ for Variphy's Audit Log Analysis.

Overview of Variphy's Audit Log Analysis

Because Variphy Insight is able to receive and make sense of your CUCM Audit Log files (for CUCM versions 7.1.2 and beyond), you can quickly determine who "monkeyed" with your configuration, and the IP address from where the change was made.

Senior support folks will have a means to identify gaps, account for and educate lower tier support personnel, as well as monitor changes made by System Integrator partners or contractors.

  • Determine and track who made moves, adds, changes, and deletions to the CUCM, Unity Connection or UCCX configuration
  • Filter and search by device names, directory numbers, user IDs to isolate the events in question
  • Export search results to PDF or CSV
  • No more wondering about unauthorized changes
Cisco Audit Log Analysis

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Filter contents of one or more UC audit log files

  • Select one or more UC audit log files to identify events in the desired time period
  • Filter out unwanted noise by selecting only the appropriate event types
  • Select specific User IDs to track activity or select all to identify who performed an operation

Search for specific audit log contents

  • Search for key items such as directory numbers, device names, end user IDs, or service names
  • Identify who has been executing commands within the UC command line interface (CLI)

Identify the User ID and other key information tied to the logged event

  • Date/Time the event took place
  • Originator's IP Address (was the event made via a VPN connection?)
  • View the UC Cluster event status as Successful or Failied

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cisco UC support and provide Audit Logs?

Audit logs are available in Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 7.1.2 and later, Unity Connection 8.0 and later, and Contact Center Express (UCCX) 9.0 and later, all of which are supported by Variphy Insight.

How are the audit logs enabled?

Audit logs can be enabled via the appropriate Unified Serviceability Interface, by selected the Audit Log Configuration option

How do I access or download the Audit Logs

Audit logs can be retrieved either manually or an automatic schedule via Cisco's Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT). Our systems engineering team would be happy to walk you through it if you would like assistance.

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