Cisco Change Management

Variphy Insight's Cisco Change Management allows you to easily identify what's changed in your UC environment. From IP phones being added, changed, or deleted; to your Route Pattern modifications; all the way down to Speed Dials being added on your IP phones. You'll see exactly what's changed before and after.

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Establish UC configuration Snapshots on-demand or automatic schedule

  • Create snapshots before and after upgrades, migrations, and expansions
  • Schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Archive and track historical device inventory and dial plan configurations

Compare Snapshots to identify administrative changes

  • Compare and contrast all system settings or a customizable core set of data that's critical to you
  • Changes are first summarized, then organized into what has been added, deleted, or changed
  • Comparison reports can be generated on-demand or scheduled for automatic delivery

Drill down for granular field by field changes revealing the before and after UC configurations

  • Compare after minor and major upgrades to reveal any inconsistencies
  • Identify changes impacting the dial plan or device configurations with industry leading granularity
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