DN & Dial Plan Management

So you have a new user joining your company - for which you need to provision in your Cisco UC systems.
What directory number should you assign to him/her and how quickly can it be identified?

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What's the Next Available CUCM Directory Number?

Where do you go to find the "next available" DN to assign? Is that managed via a spreadsheet and is that up to date with what's in CUCM?

From our 15+ years now of working exclusively with Cisco collaboration (beginning in the "CallManager" days) and on lots of feedback from our users and partners, one of the limitations with CUCM is that it's difficult for an administrator to easily identify that a directory number (such as "10111") is available for assignment, meaning it doesn't yet exist in CUCM. Or it does exist, but it can be reassigned.

Since Directory Number 10111 doesn't appear in the following sample screenshot from CUCM Admninistration, it's available to be assigned - but how quickly can you see that when you need to?

Find Available Directory Numbers in CUCM Admninistration

Because it doesn't exist in CUCM, this directory number (and any others which don't exist) will simply not appear in any CUCM report or search, leaving you to have to somehow identify the "gaps" to reveal which numbers are available. Sure, it's doable, but you likely have many other things begging for your attention.

How Variphy Simplifies Your CUCM DN & Dial Plan Management

Search For CUCM Directory Numbers In Variphy By BOTH Number AND Status

Quickly identify which directory numbers are available, inactive/unassigned, and/or active as well as shared.

  • Select an optional desired prefix, such as E.164 "\+" or "\+1", to apply
  • Use each 'X' as a wildcard digit (0-9) to specify directory number ranges such as 10110 - 10119 ("1011X")
  • Choose between searching for any vs a specific Route Partition
  • Select 1, multiple, or all statuses to include
Search Active and Available Directory Numbers in Variphy

Variphy Reveals and Color-Codes Your CUCM Directory Number Search Results

  • If it exists in CUCM, the partition, description and type of pattern will be shown for each number
  • If included, any DNs which are Available (non-existent in CUCM) will be shown in green
  • If the number is Active, all currently assigned CUCM devices will be shown in red, indicating that it is in use
  • If the number exists in CUCM but cannot be called, it will be shown as Inactive/Unassigned
Variphy Reveals and Color-Codes Your CUCM Directory Number Search Results

Generate CUCM Directory Number Reports In PDF & XLSX

  • Export all search results to either PDF or XLSX format
  • Organize and sort numbers by Status or Number
  • Reports are ALWAYS generated with CUCM in Real-Time so they're always up to date
  • No more manual tracking of CUCM numbers in spreadsheets!
Generate CUCM Directory Number Reports in Variphy Variphy CUCM Directory Number Reports

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