Cisco Phone Macros

Cisco Phone Macro by Variphy provides the ability to remotely script, automate, and execute a sequence of operations on one or more Cisco IP phones simultaneously.

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Define sequence of button pushes to create a macro

  • Change TFTP address and static IP address settings
  • Delete ITL Files and change backgrounds
  • Validate call admission control and other operations by initiating test calls in bulk

Create and select a Subset of Cisco IP Phones

  • Group by device pool, device type, location, description keyword, and more
  • Save groups for future and repeat use

View the before and after phone displays and export results to PDF

  • Enable phones on active calls to be skipped to avoid user interruption
  • Configure exact number of phones to process simultaneously
  • Run on-demand or schedule for off-hours execution

View device, hardware, and network configuration information for the phone

  • Physical switch and port location identification
  • Serial Number, firmware/app load, current active CUCM Server, and more
  • CUCM device configuration, directory numbers, BLF speed dials, IP phone services subscribed, and more
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