Cisco UCCX Reporting & Analytics

Just like Variphy’s CDR and Call Analytics reporting, UCCX Agent and Contact Service Queue (CSQ) activity and statistics reports are highly customizable and dynamic, allowing you to specify what Agents/CSQs the report is going to include, as well as what details and statistics should appear.

Generate reports on-demand or schedule for multiple output formats, including PDF, XLSX, CSV, & HTML.

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UCCX Agent Reporting

Highly configurable Agent-focused reporting that can include state and/or call statistics, such as the total duration each is spending in Not Ready States as well as the number of call handled, abandoned, etc.

Configurable and Flexible

  • Select desired Agents by name, Team, or Resource Group.
  • Include desired productivity statistics, call counts, and talk times for the desired time period.
  • Identify every Agent's time spent and occurrence in both Standard and Custom Not Ready Reasons as well as Ring No Answer (RNA).

UCCX Contact Service Queue (CSQ) Reporting

Configurable and Dynamic

  • Report on key statistics for Calls Abandoned, Handled, Dequeued, Aborted, Handled by another CSQ.
  • Select one, multiple or all CSQs.
  • Pinpoint Handled and Missed Service Level (SLA) metrics per CSQ.

UCCX Time Interval Reporting

Break down UCCX CSQ and Agent reporting statistics by various blocks of time (Month, Date, Day of Week, Hour, half hour, and quarter hour), using both charts and tables.

  • Create a Summary Statistics Table, Time Period Statistics Table, or a Time Period Statistics Chart allowing you to pinpoint the “peaks and valleys” in your call flows.
  • Create charts and graphs using Total Summary, Individual Summary, or Both.
  • Add greater flexibility and granularity to your CSQ or Agent reports in UCCX analytics.

Full UCCX Call Details

If desired, include full UCCX call details to dive even deeper, such as to identify system failures and errors.

Search & filter UCCX Call Details by:

  • Account Number, Application ID, Application Name, Application Task ID
  • Called Number, Caller Entered Digits, Contact Disposition and/or Type, Custom Variables 1 - 10
  • Originator, Destination, Connected or Queued Agent Extension, Login ID, Name, DN, Type
  • CSQ Name and/or Service Level, Call Result and/or Wrapup Data
  • Flowout, Redirect, Session ID, Transfer, Disposition Reason
  • Hold, Ring, Talk and/or Work Time and much more

Custom Labels

Configure one or multiple sets of Custom Labels for CUCM/UCCX and replace Cisco technical terminology with what YOUR Organization uses. Apply a label set to widgets and reports and also restrict users to specific labels for simpler usability.

  • Easily configure Custom Label Sets for CUCM and UCCX.
  • Reveal the original label with a hover tool-tip.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Assign Custom Label Set Privileges.
  • Apply to Dashboards, Reports, & Alerts

Webinars for Cisco UCCX Reporting & Analytics

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13.1 New Feature: UCCX Search Support for Inactive Values
In this workshop, Variphy’s Matt and Mike demonstrate a feature in 13.1: the ability to search for inactive values. Learn more about the new Inactive Resource UCCX Reporting.
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Building UCCX Agent Reports
Walk through on how to build a meaningful UCCX Agent report.
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Join Phil & Mike as the walk you through Variphy UCCX Reporting. You'll learn how to build UCCX CSQ based reports.
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CCX Widgets 101
SEs Brian and Vic demonstrate the types of widgets associated to UCCX analytics. Learn what you can do with our Agent- and CSQ-based widgets and more!
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Cisco UCCX Wallboards
Join Phil & Dan as they walk you through Variphy's real-time Contact Center UCCX Wallboards. Learn how to easily configure Wallboard Widgets on the fly for Agent State and multiple CSQ statistics on one screen.
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UCCX CSQ and Agent Time Interval Reports in Variphy 12.2
How to build and use Variphy's new UCCX Time Internal Analytics for CSQ and Agent Reports by Day of Week, Hour of Day, Date, Week, Month, and more.
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UCCX Dashboard/Wallboard new features
Join Matt and Mike as they showcase the new the new UCCX Wallboard features within Variphy 12.2.3
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UCCX Detail Columns: What the Data Represents
Systems engineer Mike reviews the most common UCCX detail columns every organization should be utilizing and what the data represents.
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UCCX Detail Descriptions
UCCX Detail Descriptions
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UCCX Handle and Ring No Answer Reports
Mike and Vic demonstrate a new option in 12.3.0: support for High Availability and Inclusion of Handle time in UCCX dashboards and reports.
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UCCX Reporting: Identifying Employee Misuse
Vic and Mike show you how to use UCCX reporting to identify possible employee misuse or abuse. Learn how you can utilize data such as Ring No Answer (RNA) State, Talk time (<= 1 sec), Not Ready Counts, and State Details Login time to improve productivity.
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UCCX: Wrap-Up Reasons, Widget Search Sets
Do you know how to run reports on UCCX wrap-up reasons and utilize search sets in UCCX widgets? Dre and Brian walk you through these protocols in this webinar.
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Variphy 13.0 EFT Feature: UCCX Audible Alerts
Did you hear? UCCX Audible Alerts are available in Variphy 13.0 Beta! Discover how to set it up on your dashboard.
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