New in Variphy 12.0

Cisco UCCX Reporting & Analytics

Variphy is introducing the highly anticipated UCCX Reporting & Analytics, which provide specific reporting for Agent as well as Contact Service Queue (CSQ) activity and/or statistics.

Just like Variphy’s CDR and Call Analytics reporting, all UCCX reports are highly customizable and dynamic, allowing you to specify what Agents/CSQs the report is going to include, as well as what details and statistics should appear.

Generate reports on-demand or schedule for multiple output formats, including PDF, XLSX, CSV, & HTML.

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UCCX Agent Reporting

Highly configurable Agent-focused reporting that can include state and/or call statistics, such as the total duration each is spending in Not Ready States as well as the number of call handled, abandoned, etc.

Configurable and Flexible

  • Select desired Agents by name, Team, or Resource Group.
  • Include desired productivity statistics, call counts, and talk times for the desired time period.
  • Identify every Agent's time spent and occurrence in both Standard and Custom Not Ready Reasons as well as Ring No Answer (RNA).

UCCX Contact Service Queue (CSQ) Reporting

Configurable and Dynamic

  • Report on key statistics for Calls Abandoned, Handled, Dequeued, Aborted, Handled by another CSQ.
  • Select one, multiple or all CSQs.
  • Pinpoint Handled and Missed Service Level (SLA) metrics per CSQ.

Full UCCX Call Details

If desired, include full UCCX call details to dive even deeper, such as to identify system failures and errors.

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