Call Search

A simple search
can tell a fascinating story.

Sometimes, all you want to do is search for a phone number or extension. Variphy’s call search feature makes the process simple. You can easily see where a call was answered, how long it was, where it was transferred, and who hung up.

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Go beyond search.

Visibility into call data enables you to make more informed decisions. Variphy’s call history reports provide valuable, granular data on calls.

Reduce reporting time.

Why waste time manually generating reports? With Variphy’s automated reports, you can ease your management tasks with reliable data delivered straight to you.

Along with insightful reports, we have saved man-hours and leveraged other features that resulted in increased productivity.
We have developed useful templates for rapid response reports required by different business owners.

Save yourself from overcomplicated tasks.

Using call search on Cisco CAR can be overly complicated. Find out how you can finish this tedious task in minutes.

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