Call Queue Performance

Reduce call wait times and abandonment rate.

Long wait times can lead to call timeouts, resulting in high abandonment rates and unhappy customers. Variphy can provide data to help reduce your call queue wait times.

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Stay up to date with daily call queue reports.

How can you stay on top of arising issues? Variphy’s dashboards and daily reports give managers a complete picture of call activity and queue performance.

Get notified immediately.

Set up audible and visual alerts for issues requiring immediate attention. You can choose to be alerted on waiting callers, lack of available agents, and more.

Provide a positive customer experience.

Are your customers getting a good experience when they call in? Find the data you need to determine if your customers are getting quick service — or if you’re making them wait too long.

Improve your team’s performance.

Call queue performance signals the quality of an organization’s customer service. Boost your customer service ratings with the help of Variphy’s dashboard and reports.

The leaders of our business now have a trust in the phone system, which had been hard to develop without the objective data provided by Variphy.

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