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Over 6,000 voice engineers are using Variphy to search, visualize, and report on their unified communications environment.

Cisco CDR data

Analyze and detail the call volume and history of hunt groups, users, sales teams, sites, locations, departments, call centers, and help desks

Cisco CDR data

Measure and report on capacity utilization for PRIs, SIP trunks, site-to-site, or any other group of calls to and/or from your organization

Why Variphy?

It's your CUCM data.

Your data—forever.

Access and report on it for as long as you need to.

Still using Cisco CAR?

You may not be in compliance with corporate policies.

Truly unlimited CDR.

Months, years, decades of manageable data.

Scenarios & Experiences

Most organizations come to us with a clear picture of what they need. Many have identified new policies and/or have departments demanding usage and activity statistics for their personnel.

Many are also looking for real insights and analytics into user adoption (video calling for example), capacity utilization, sales activity, call center quality, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) related to their organization's communications, both internally and externally.

We happily provide a fully functioning trial of Variphy Call Analytics and can have you generating your own tailored reports on your CDR and CUCM data in under an hour. It can be installed on your preferred server and OS, or to save some work, you can just deploy our OVA.

Variphy Call Analytics is web-based, so once it's up and running, you can provide access to anyone you wish just via their preferred web browser. Our systems engineers and products specialists take great pride in ensuring you are successful, answering all of your questions, as well as training you up via a friendly Webex.

CAR won't store enough data

Need much more than 3 months of CDR data in the system.

Compliance & legal requirements

New corporate compliance & legal requirements demand better and expanded CDR reporting.


Want to automate CDR report delivery to multiple departments.

Ready to replace

Not happy with and ready to replace existing Cisco CDR Reporting product or support


Need a solution for both technical and non-technical users.

All-in-one solution

Appreciate a single pane of glass that includes Variphy's other CUCM management tools.