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Variphy was the EXACT tool our organization needed to pull real-time metrics. Our previous processes for viewing phone statistics were tedious and time-consuming, but with Variphy, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips. It allows us to make quick decisions, ultimately improving customer service.

Customer Experience Strategist

U.S. Government Agency

30% Wait Time Reduction

The ability to see real-time data for their help desk hotline was “a game changer” for agents and decision-makers. They are able to view how many technicians they have on the phones, how many customers are waiting, and the statuses of all their queues. With better insights into their customer calling experience, they were able to make adjustments that reduced their customers’ wait times by 30%.

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"Variphy gives us the ability to create reports that matter. Our leadership values the reports we can build for them, which include relevant data without needing extensive explanations or notes"

"From the first time I shared a sample report with our customer experience department, they were impressed with the structure, grouping, and summaries."

"The biggest impact we’ve seen after using Variphy has been on productivity. We can narrow down our peak times and quickly identify our busy hours, and we use this data to staff accordingly."

"The CDR reporting is above and beyond what we thought it would do for us, and the Remote Phone Control has been a lifesaver."

"With Variphy’s CUCM, CUBE, and Dial Plan Management solutions, our telecom team can provide reports and metrics as they are requested and troubleshoot issues as they arise."

"With our old solution, I had to double check the numbers because they were never accurate. With Variphy, I checked a few times and confirmed reports were accurate."

"Variphy allows us to use data to pinpoint the difference between technology and operational issues, which helps our call center managers."

"With Variphy, we improved the ability to deliver on visibility requests from various departments after we migrated from our old VoIP solution."

"Variphy’s interface is very intuitive. In a fast-paced environment, it’s great having a solution in place that does not require a lot of effort to maintain."

"Variphy has made it easy for our engineering team to present management the information and data they need to make informed decisions. Before Variphy, this process was very complex and cumbersome."

"Within the first week of using Variphy, I was able to get my upper management team the data they needed. This was priceless to our organization and created growth and training opportunities previously unseen due to a lack of data."

"Within the first 15 minutes of using it, we were able to see how underutilized some of our PSTN trunking was. We found out we could disconnect 2 PRI’s right away. That alone will save us $15,000 a year."

"For us, the main impact is that we get more done. The automated reporting keeps our business users happy, and we're able to resolve issues quickly and easily. That leaves more time for doing more project work."

"Not only could this system provide all of the detailed reports we were looking for but we were able to pull a lot more detail from the Cisco systems that the others could just not do."

"Within moments of simply testing report options, we had valuable insights and were able to craft perfect reports for complicated insights within an hour."

"Variphy's support is like no other. Not only do they have fast, friendly support, but KNOWLEDGEABLE personnel! They have the technical knowledge to enhance their responses."

"We also identified some unusual international calling behaviour that saved them thousands in a potential toll fraud charges. Those cost savings helped pay for Variphy in the first day of using the product!"

"The integration with our Cisco Collaboration environment was effortless and the data received initially was astounding. A single pane of glass view to quickly run a search on a dropped or fraudulent call was incredible."

"They hire great people and have an excellent product at Variphy. We have been very pleased for over 5 years now using Variphy CDR Call Reporting for Cisco."

"I was told to check out Variphy. By end of day one, I had already used it to create reports that I was not able to create anywhere else. From there, it just got more amazing for us."

"We were enabled to very quickly spot the issue and dramatically reduce our tickets with our HCS partner. It dramatically increased our end-user experience! The ticket load was cut in half almost overnight."

"Variphy has given us visibility into our Phone system that we've never had before. It was able to help identify a troubled WAN connection that prior to Variphy we've been trying to track down for months."

"We now know where a 911 call is coming from, including name, department, whether it is a soft or desk phone, and whether it is in the building or coming over VPN on a softphone. Reporting provides better detail, and is far better formatted than CUIC."

"Variphy helped identify an issue in a Contact Center script that was causing an unacceptable number of customer calls to get disconnected in the transfer process."

"We saved our IT Helpdesk hours of troubleshooting with unhappy employees with the help of Variphy. Combined with the cost savings we realized with our PSTN SIP trunk usage, the decision to buy Variphy paid for itself immediately after install."

"Variphy saved us hours of time to build the Microsoft Power BI Reports. Our Service Delivery Managers and Supervisors could quickly identify if there was an issue due to high call volumes and we were able to react quickly."

"It takes Variphy less than a minute to track a fault within a call flow."

"The ROI from a resource planning perspective alone will be easily quantifiable in the first month. The data we are now aggregating and soon will be trending is valuable."

"I just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with Variphy so far. The software was simple to set up and immediately provided actionable data."

"Variphy paid for itself in one toll fraud incident."

"Variphy has exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and customer service we receive from Variphy is by far the best in the business."

"After being in the IT industry for over 20 years and working with numerous software vendors, I would highly recommend the Variphy software as well as the Variphy Team for exceptional support, from the trial version to implementation and beyond."

"It was key in helping us resolve issues with phones not registering after upgrades. We also needed to factory reset all the phones in our org, and Variphy assisted us in setting up a macro to run, saving us untold man-hours."

"UNM utilizes Variphy for CDR reporting and UCCX dashboards, which is essential for investigating user and patient complaints and evaluating staffing needs. Variphy's exceptional customer service has been a standout feature, as they have consistently provided quick and helpful support for any requests."

"Innovation and stellar reporting. With CDR Call Reporting, the organization is aware of key events as they happen. We are alerted when time matters for first responder groups to react to critical life-safety events."

"Variphy is incredibly user-friendly and does not require an extensive Cisco voice engineering certification to operate. The variety of report output file formats has greatly streamlined my job, allowing me to easily provide managers and leadership with the data necessary to make informed decisions for the business."