Variphy renews Cisco Select Developer and Select Integrator certifications

We’re proud to announce that we have renewed our Cisco Select Developer and Select Integrator certifications!

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Variphy 15.2 Is Now Available!

Version 15.2 brings improvements to our CUCM, Webex Calling, and Zoom Phone analytics and reporting solutions.

Check out our webinar showcasing the new features.

15.2Call AnalyticsWebex CallingZoom Phone
Victor Vrba discusses Variphy and Cisco Cloud Calling

Watch the Webex Calling Team and Variphy’s Victor Vrba discuss solutions for migrating from on-prem CUCM to cloud calling. 

Call AnalyticsWebex Calling
Variphy 15.1 Is Now Available!

Version 15.1 brings improvements to our CUCM, Webex Calling, and Zoom Phone analytics and reporting solutions Version 15.1 has exciting new features and updates for our Webex Calling, CUCM, and Zoom Phone customers. 

15.1Call AnalyticsWebex CallingZoom Phone
Variphy presents next-gen collaboration solutions at Cisco Live!

Layne Hoo, Variphy co-founder and chief technology officer, will be presenting at Cisco Live! Attend the session to catch up on changes in the UC landscape and how we’ve developed our solutions to meet your needs for Webex and beyond.

The session will take place on Wednesday, June 7, at 3 PM in the DevNet Zone theater. Add “Developing Next-Gen Collaboration Experiences with the Webex Platform” (DEVNET-1605) to your schedule. 

Don’t forget to visit our team at World of Solutions booth 9205 to check out our latest features.

Cisco Live
Find feature updates, product deep dives, and more on Variphy Voice!

From news on product releases to tips on streamlining your call data management, Variphy Voice gives you info you need to optimize your communications systems. Check out our blog and subscribe to get the latest articles in your inbox.

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Visit Variphy at Cisco Live 2023

Meet team Variphy at Cisco Live on June 4-8 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas! We are excited to attend the premier conference for Cisco customers and partners. Visit us at booth 9205 for a chance to win prizes and learn about our exciting Unified Communications Manager and Webex Calling offerings.

Cisco Live
Variphy Call Analytics for Webex Calling Now Available on Webex App Hub!

Check out our Webex App Hub for your Webex Calling platform

15.0Webex Calling
Variphy 14.0 GA is here!

With this release, we’re excited to launch Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone which includes schedule report delivery, report customization, and custom data retention periods.

Find our more on our Zoom Phone product page or on the Zoom Marketplace!

14.0Zoom Phone


Support for CUCM 15

Add support for CUCM 15

CDR Processing page optimization

Improved processing and confirmation of available data within the Variphy system when multiple clusters are used

15.3CUCMWebex CallingZoom Phone
DN/DID Search Pagination

Adds the ability to search results and expand results on page or use pagination

15.3DN/DID Management
Add the ability to summarize multiple CSQs

Add the ability to summarize multiple CSQ’s in the CSQ Time Period Widget type

15.3Call AnalyticsUCCX Reporting
Add time zone options for the real-time hunt pilot status widget

Add a time zone configuration option to allow users to view the timestamp details in their preferred time zone

15.3Call Analytics
Improved Webex Calling Performance

Improve slowness due to Webex API restrictions

15.3Webex Calling
License Unit Threshold Alerts

Allows Variphy administrators to configure alerts for license units used

15.3CUCMWebex CallingZoom Phone
Add New Zoom Common Area Report Features

Adds the ability to run all Variphy reports for Zoom Phone Common Area Phones

15.2Zoom Phone
Add Call Scenarios as CDR Search Criteria Types in Call History – Webex Calling

Utilize one of our latest features, Call Scenarios, across all platforms and search sets.

15.2Webex Calling
Support for Zoom Phone Common Areas & Common Area Phones

Common area phones are unassigned desk phones that anyone can use. In our upcoming release, you will have the ability to report on these phones as you do with phones that are assigned to Zoom Phone users.

15.2Zoom Phone
Add Call Scenarios as CDR Search Criteria

We’re powering up your Call History searches, reports, and widgets! This enhancement gives you the ability to add Call Scenarios like Connected, Abandoned, Forwarded, and Transferred as search criteria.

15.1Call History
New Real-Time Hunt Group Status Widget

Get ready for real-time CUCM hunt group visibility! With this new dashboard widget, you can track whether users and phones are logged in to hunt groups.

15.1Call Analytics
Variphy Dashboards and Widgets for Webex Calling

Fully customizable Webex Calling dashboards and widgets with a drag-and-drop interface.

15.1Webex Calling
Add Called Queue Secondary Grouping Type Support for Called Site Primary Grouping for Zoom Phone

This feature relates to a Zoom environment’s common area phones (CAP). With this improvement, you can add a secondary grouping type for inbound calls connecting to CAP. For example, you can report on CAP with “Called Site” as a primary grouping and either “Called Department” or “Called Queue” as a secondary grouping.

Zoom Phone
Configurable Horizontal Width and Spacing for Dashboard Widgets

Provides Variphy users the ability to adjust horizontal width and spacing for widgets.

15.1Call Analytics
Run Multiple Search Sets in Call History

You’ll soon be getting even more flexibility with call history searches. This forthcoming feature gives you the ability to run, add, or remove multiple search sets in your call history search. 

15.2Call History
Variphy Call Analytics for Webex Calling

This feature provides the same reporting and call analytics that Variphy traditionally offers for Cisco UCM environments. Specific features included are; call history search, report generation, report scheduling, and custom label set. It allows integration from an on-premises or cloud instance of Variphy to provide detailed call reporting and analytics on a Webex Calling environment.

For more information, check out our product page or our Webex App Hub listing.

15.0Webex Calling
Variphy Call Analytics for Zoom Phone

Variphy’s Call Analytics for Zoom Phone will allow you to search, analyze, and report on your team’s Zoom Phone call activity. This feature provides the same reporting and analytics that Variphy traditionally offers for Cisco UCM environments. It allows for the integration from an on-premises or cloud instance of Variphy to provide detailed call reporting and analytics on a Zoom Phone environment.

Find our more on our Zoom Phone product page or on the Zoom Marketplace!

14.0Zoom Phone
Configurable time-based purge of processed CUCM/CUBE CDR/CMR files

Users can now specify a storage location for CDR/CMR files when they select the “Preserve CDR/CMR Files” option. This feature also allows users to configure a time-based purge (removal) of CUCM/CUBE CDR/CMR files that their Variphy instance has processed.

14.0Call AnalyticsCUBE
Ability to change verbiage from “Cradle to Grave” to a custom name, like “Start to Finish.”

Users now have the ability to rename Cradle to Grave everywhere within the application and on the Cradle to Grave report file.

14.0Call Analytics

Shipping Soon

Webex Calling – User Interface improvement for CDR Alerts

Improves the presentation of the generated CDR Alert report

15.4Call AnalyticsWebex Calling
Support for global Webex APIs

Variphy now supports all Webex Calling APIs. 15.4 introduces support for Europe, Canada, and Government APIs.

15.4Call AnalyticsWebex Calling
Improved handling of duplicate CDR entries

Improves the handling and process of duplicate CDR entires to resolve error handling and processing.

15.4Call AnalyticsCUCMWebex CallingZoom Phone

In the Works

Migration from Variphy On-Premises to Variphy Cloud Improvement

Improve efficiencies when Variphy customers migrate from our on-premises application to the Variphy Cloud application.

Variphy Cloud
Private to Public Search Set Conversion

Search sets made easy for Variphy users! This feature will allow you to convert a private search set to a public search set. It’ll save other system users time, too — they’ll be able to use the same search set without recreating it. 

CDR Reporting
Custom Default Search Criteria — History Page

Looking for a different default search criteria other than “Original Called Party Number”? Keep an eye out for this feature, which will allow Variphy users to set their preferred default search criteria.

Call History
Variphy Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams Calling

Call analytics, reporting, widgets, and dashboards for your Microsoft Teams Calling environment

16.0Microsoft Teams Calling