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After researching and evaluating multiple CDR tools, we decided to purchase Variphy...Within the first 15 minutes of using it, we were able to see how underutilized some of our PSTN trunking was. We found out we could disconnect 2 PRI’s right away. That alone will save us $15,000 a year.

After 5 years of slowly converting Avaya remote sites to Cisco, we needed to research historical call data within Cisco. Whether it be researching robo-callers spamming our trunks, researching if our PSTN trunking is being utilized properly or seeing who accidentally dialed 911, we always had difficulties getting the data in a fast and accurate way. We previously could look into our old CDR utility for Avaya, but that didn’t translate well in the Cisco world, so it made searching more frustrating. Our 5-year plan consists of moving roughly 12,000 more phones to Cisco, bringing us up to about 20,000 phones. We realized we need to get ahead of it and find a product to help us through that.

Johns Hopkins Medical

We were in need of a reporting tool for our Cisco phone system. Our “call accounting” system would just not provide the reports we were looking for. I had researched a few different manufacturers and after several different demos from vendors, we decided the best system for us was the Variphy system.

Not only could this system provide all of the detailed reports we were looking for but we were able to pull a lot more detail from the Cisco systems that the others could just not do. The features you can get on this system go far beyond just call reports, I would highly recommend a FREE demo to see all the features Variphy provides.

The features of the system were not the only reasons we decided to go with Variphy, the customer service is by far the best, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, they not only respond very quickly to any request or issue but will make sure you are completely satisfied with the results and will answer any questions you have no matter how big or small.

I wanted to add “do yourself and your business a favor, stop looking around and just call Variphy, you won’t be disappointed”, but I didn’t want to sound like a commercial.

Mercy Hospital

Variphy provides me with data that I can use to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology and its application.

Variphy has allowed me to use factual data to pinpoint the difference between technology and operational issues, to call center managers.

My experience with Variphy CDR Reporting has been outstanding. The data that I can now pull from the Call Manager has assisted with pinpointing and solving numerous issues. The support from the staff at Variphy has been top notch. Their support has been extremely timely and their technical expertise is unmatched in the industry.

Northwestern Health Unit

Within moments of simply testing report options, we had valuable insights and were able to craft perfect reports for complicated insights within an hour.

Challenge: During the early days of initiating a community response line, identifying call details for a dedicated working group presented a few challenges. Our goal was to enable both local contact numbers and a dedicated toll free number that clients could call. Each of these incoming lines were to be directed through various IVRs and personal transfers to a dedicated working group to provide community support. As these calls could originate from a variety of locations there was a difficulty in identifying true call volume landing on the working group. Accurate and reliable reporting was important in ensuring enough staff to handle call volumes while minimizing wait times. As the need to work from home grew, the complexity of managing calls to this group increased.

Solution: Insightful reports we thought complex to create, were effectively in place within minutes. As an IT department supporting a large geographical area with multiple sites, I can honestly say the ease of use and clarity of reporting has exceeded all initial expectations. Throughout the year other challenges arose as we needed to include more hard and soft end-points to support work from home. Not only has the use of Variphy been invaluable for reporting, their service and support has been exceptional as we navigated these challenges.

Impact: Along with the insightful reports, we have leveraged other features that have resulted in increased productivity and saved man-hours. The ability to remote control a fleet of older physical endpoints during our last system upgrade eliminated many hours on the road. When called upon both sales and support have been quick to respond, showing a unique blend of professional yet personal support. Variphy has repeatedly proven their worth.


University of Winnipeg

"Variphy makes CDR so easy, why didn't we buy this years ago?" was the comment I consistently heard over and over again.

Challenge: With a large Cisco deployment over multiple buildings, my customer was unaware of the number of calls they had each day. With two functioning PRI's, they didn't have visibility into the number of channels they were using on those PRI's. They also had no way of tracking down problem calls when someone reported a trouble ticket for a bad voice call. Billing reconciliation against the telco bill for the number of long distance calls was also something they wanted to "verify".

Solution: After installing Variphy, the customer was amazed at the data they could see in real-time. We could see that at times they were at capacity on their PRI's. Adding the billing table rates and building a monthly report provided a way to reconcile the monthly telco bills for long distance. "Variphy makes CDR so easy, why didn't buy this years ago?" was the comment I consistently heard over and over again.

Impact: My customer was very happy to find out they could save money on some long distance activity they were seeing. We also identified some unusual international calling behaviour that saved them thousands in a potential toll fraud charges. Those cost savings helped pay for Variphy in the first day of using the product!

Herzing University

Variphy brings it all together in an easy reporting tool.

Phone data is NOT easy. With transfers, conference calls, hunt groups, and trying to merge staff extensions vs. full 10-digit phone numbers, knowing who took which call is confusing. Variphy brings it all together in an easy reporting tool. Have an issue or difficulty? Variphy's support is like no other. Not only do they have fast, friendly support, but KNOWLEDGEABLE personnel! They have the technical knowledge to enhance their responses, if you are like me and want to understand at that level.

I have used other tools that did not know how to pull all the data from the phone system and the support did not fully understand how more complicated calls worked, but when we tried Variphy, it was amazing how much deeper Variphy goes in getting all the meta data need from the phone system to get all the answers.


City of Camrose

Variphy's customization and personalization of the reports brings plain old CDR capabilities to a whole new level and beyond. It has enabled the IT staff to be more proactive with the analytics and real insights into capacity utilization and full audit trail of calls.

Challenge: End users, and particularly the receptionists who handle the influx of calls to the main business lines needed a way to see where calls where going from end to end, insight into the top callers and the busiest hours identified to have the correct amount of staff on hand to answer the calls.

Solution: Trying to figure out one simple tool with a clean easy to use interface was important and vital. The integration with our Cisco Collaboration environment was effortless and the data received initially was astounding. A single pane of glass view to quickly run a search on a dropped or fraudulent call was incredible. The amount of detail, possibilities and customization on the reports and data sets is remarkable.

Impact: Once we gathered the reports to see where calls were going, we were able to have a full understanding of how staff were transferring off the calls and how many team members were needed during different parts of the day. This saved us many hours and relying on different data sets to figure out. Supervisors and managers can now see for themselves with the help of the custom reports and custom wallboards how the day to day call utilization is performing. The cradle to the grave ability has been such a remarkable function to help isolate call paths from clients and customer callers that are needed to be analyzed. We are only scratching the surface to see the extended functionality and have so many new use cases to report and view on!

City of North Augusta

Variphy is very easy to use and does what they claim it will do. What I am impressed with the most is their technical support. I can honestly say that these guys are at the top of my list when it comes to companies that support the products that we use.

The user interface is very intuitive. As with most I.T. people we wear many hats and when a company writes good software that #1 WORKS and #2 is easy to get up and running it makes our lives just a little bit easier.

The software is very easy to use and does what they claim it will do. What I am impressed with the most is their technical support. I can honestly say that these guys are at the top of my list when it comes to companies that support the products that we use. They know their product and they have always been readily available the few times that I have required assistance. I have worked with their rep and most recently had the pleasure of working with another rep. They hire great people and have an excellent product at Variphy. We have been very pleased for over 5 years now using Variphy CDR Call Reporting for Cisco.


Northwest Community Credit Union

Cisco—while they have many things that are very good—reading CDR files and figuring our call logs at the raw level is very difficult. I was told to check out Variphy. By end of day 1 I had already used it to create reports that I was not able to create anywhere else. From there, it just got more amazing for us.

From there, it only became more amazing for him as he was looking for something to read raw logs. He hadn't realized he was able to control phones with Remote Phone Control. He was able to see what the end user was actually pressing on the phone in real-time. The reports were everything his organization had been looking for for over a year. He was also able to create reports for just about everything from statistics to graphical which are sent to C-level, automated and scheduled.


We had zero visibility into our phone system (hosted CUCM/UCCE HCS environment)

Challenge: Troubleshooting anything voice-related was a nightmare. When I would troubleshoot issues with our HCS Partner, the only thing I could see was the phone in front of me, and all I could report to them was the end-user experience. We were unable to use any of our CUCM knowledge/experience to assist in outages/troubleshooting calls.

Solution: We purchased both the Call Analytics Reporting and As-Built Reporting functions of Variphy. This enabled us to see the as-built configuration of CUCM, and we were also able to trace calls with the CDR functionality.

Impact: We were enabled to very quickly spot the issue and dramatically reduce our tickets with our HCS partner. It dramatically increased our end-user experience! The ticket load was cut in half almost overnight. On major outages, we were also able to see if any database changes were made that would cripple our end users.


Security Mutual Life Insurance of New York

Must have for any Cisco UCC installation

Variphy has given us visibility into our Phone system that we've never had before. It has cut down the time to deploy phone sets, it has made spreadsheets obsolete in tracking extensions. It was able to help identify a troubled WAN connection that prior to Variphy we've been trying to track down for months.

Variphy was also easy to install and start gathering stats on the very first day. It allowed us to move our POC (Proof of Concept) into production with zero downtime. Not very often does a companies marketing department find the perfect tag line, but Variphy really is the toolset that Cisco forgot to included with the UCC platform.


Interstate Batteries

From the first day of my Proof of Concept testing, I knew Variphy was going to be excellent. Their support team is top shelf. They assisted with the install and configuration of the product, and have been very responsive to all of the questions I have asked.

The alerting tool gives a ton of information our previous CDR tool did not. We now know where a 911 call is coming from, including name, department, whether it is a soft or desk phone, and whether it is in the building or coming over VPN on a softphone. Reporting provides better detail, and is far better formatted than CUIC. It is also easier to change the format to something that makes more sense to you, (and the users that are asking for it). I use the tool daily, for a lot of things I wasn't even expecting. It's a lot faster to find an unused number to deploy. It also saves time with the remoting capability. I used to be up and down several times a day to go to a users desk. Now I can see what they are seeing, and make changes to the phone without leaving my desk! The integration with CUCM, UCCX, and even Unity is flawless so far, and even after a month's testing, I know there will be things that will come up that will make me like the product more.

Carolina Caterpillar

Telephone interactions with customers are one of our primary methods of doing business, but before Variphy, we had little objective information about how our Cisco UC platform was performing in these interactions.

Variphy has provided us with visibility into CDR and Contact Center data through a single pane of glass that is highly granular yet easy to consume. I can now display dashboards and reports to the decision makers in our business with exactly the data they want to see in a format that is easy for a non-technical person to understand. With a few mouse clicks, I can make changes to these reports and dashboards as needed. Variphy is easy to setup and maintain as an engineer, and it provides user-friendly reports to our business that contains exactly the data the decision makers need to see.

Challenge: We needed a tool that would give us accurate usable information about our whole Cisco UC Environment. We preferred a single tool that would show us CDR and UCCX data all in one place. Custom solutions had been hard to maintain and were not user-friendly.

Solution: We evaluated several tools in the marketplace. Variphy was the only one that gave us consistent data from our whole environment through the single pane of glass we wanted to be able to look through.

Impact: Variphy has already helped me identify an issue in a Contact Center script that was causing an unacceptable number of customer calls to get disconnected in the transfer process. Once I corrected the scripting issue, it helped me verify that these calls were no longer being disconnected. We have used Variphy to determine that we are paying for more SIP trunk capacity than we need. This will eventually allow us to save a significant amount of money once we make a decision on how much of this capacity we are comfortable letting go. The most significant effect of Variphy has been that the leaders in the business now have a trust in the phone system that had been hard to develop before we could give them this objective data.


Princess Auto

Rolling out Cisco Collaboration, we had no idea how our users were adopting the new technology. Variphy helped us find our "power users" and improved adoption strategy as we rolled out more sites.

Challenge: After making the decision to go with Cisco Collaboration for our aging phone system, we deployed our head office first. As with every technology change, end user adoption provided its challenges. While some users adopted to the technology well, others struggled and wouldn't use their new phones, hindering organizational productivity.

Solution: Working with our Cisco Partner, they highly recommended Variphy. The data we received showing which end user extensions were in regular use, and who were our "top callers" was amazing. We were also able to see how many concurrent channels we were using on our SIP trunks, something we had no idea and just guessed to start the deployment.

Impact: As we rolled out more sites, we used the data Variphy provided to improve training and adoption. We saved our IT Helpdesk hours of troubleshooting with unhappy employees with the help of Variphy. Combined with the cost savings we realized with our PSTN SIP trunk usage, the decision to buy Variphy paid for itself immediately after install.



As we experienced rapid growth in our customer experience centre, it became apparent that we needed a better tool for real-time monitoring and reporting. Variphy's Wallboards and Dashboards gave our supervisors and delivery managers a simple graphical overview of call volumes.

Challenge: As the company focus shifted to bringing in new customers, we saw a quick rise in the need for live and historical data in our customer experience centre. Our current reporting system was to use Microsoft Power BI for the reports generated to management. This became cumbersome to maintain given the growth. The real-time data wasn't accurate and we needed something more to ensure our SLA's were met.

Solution: Variphy's UCCX Dashboarding and Wallboarding provided us with real time data in our customer experience centre. We were able to install TV's right in our bullpen showing ACHT, longest idle, calls in queue and so much more - updated each minute.

Impact: Variphy saved us hours of time to build the Microsoft Power BI Reports. We realized cost savings by being able to shift our developers over to other projects instead of maintaining and improving these reports. Our Service Delivery Managers and Supervisors could quickly identify if there was an issue due to high call volumes and we were able to react quickly. Variphy no only saves you money, but helps you grow you business more effectively!