Cisco Call Analytics Reporting

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Variphy Insight is able to provide Capacity Utilization Reports for any CUCM device or group of devices, including SIP Trunks, gateways, voice mail ports, IP and analog phones, etc. Capacity Utilization Reports utilize CDR data to produce time of day charts showing the concurrent call activity (both inbound and outbound) for the selected CUCM devices.

Reports can be generated on the fly or scheduled for automated email delivery to HR, management, or other groups on a scheduled basis. Imagine having a monthly, weekly or daily report, showing outbound/inbound call traffic, calls to emergency services, international calls, and/or calls to the help desk or call center agents.

Every organization is unique. In seconds we can help you customize your own CDR Reports to meet your requirements.

Report on Route Groups, MGCP/H323 Gateways, PRI/T1 Trunks, SIP Trunks, Voice Mail Ports, or any other CUCM device

  • Produce charts revealing concurrent call activity for 1 or multiple devices
  • Discover peak date and time of day utilization windows
  • Use configurable custom capacities per device to identify utilization percentages

Individual or Combined Device Based Utilization

  • Average and peak utilization
  • Total calls and utilization percentages
  • Date and time of day utilization charts

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