Real-Time Wallboards

Essential real-time performance. On any screen.

Bring your reports and KPIs to the surface. Variphy gives you visibility into your contact center activity.

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Know what’s happening right now.

Variphy’s wallboards help you visualize your contact center so you can make timely, data-driven decisions. Identify the number of calls in your queue and get alerts for custom thresholds.

Keep your agents motivated.

With Variphy’s wallboards, you can identify your top talent and recognize their efforts. You can also track agent activity, like when an agent is on lunch break and how long they’ve been gone.

Variphy's wallboards provide us with real-time data in our customer experience centre. We were able to install TVs right in our bullpen showing ACHT, longest idle, calls in queue and so much more — updated each minute.

Improve your customer experience.

Set up your call center for success and give your team up-to-the-minute access to information. Variphy lets you identify when a call is longer than expected or when an agent may be off the hook or having phone issues.

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