Supervisor Team Visibility

Empower your team. Create extraordinary service experiences.

As a customer service leader, you need access to information when you need it. Variphy helps you manage employees remotely and keep up to date with reports and wallboards.

Talk to an expert

Make data driven decisions.

Variphy lets you see queue or agent performance issues and make decisions proactively.

Resolve issues as they crop up.

The data you need to manage queues and agents might take hours to compile, but with Variphy, the task can be done in minutes.

Deliver the right data to the right people.

Empower your supervisors, team leads, or agents by allowing them to build their own reports or dashboards. You’ll stay in control — team members can be given access to only their own data or a subset of data.

Generate reports with real insights.

Save time on troubleshooting so you can focus on improvements.

Variphy routinely saves us when managers and physicians claim that our phone system is not working and patients cannot navigate.

Supervising teams can be a breeze with the right tools.

Get a visual of your teams’ activities and stay on top of issues.

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