Variphy 11.1 Available January 9, 2018 @ 12pm PST

We're introducing UCCX Wallboards to our CDR Reporting & Call Analytics, & adding other cool features to make your Variphy experience better than ever.

What's New in 11.1

UCCX Wallboards overview

Variphy Insight 11.1 Cisco Versions Supported

CUCM 6.0 - 12.0 Unity Connection 7.1.3 - 12.0 UCCX 8.5 - 11.5
CDR Reporting & Call Analytics x
UCCX Wallboard Analytics x
Remote Phone Control, Macros, & Broadcast x
Change Management & As-Built Reporting x x x
DN Management x

UCCX Wallboards


  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) statistics delivered in real-time to every screen needed.
  • Administrators, Supervisors, and Agents have access to web-based reports.
  • Display data on large screens in contact centers with visual alert color changes based on configurable thresholds.
  • Concurrently view & monitor Agents & Contact Service Queues (CSQ) within a single dashboard.
  • Configurable and dynamic user-based data restrictions for wallboarding.
  • Fully integrated with Variphy's Call Analytics dashboard as an all-in-one solution to minimize total cost of ownership.
UCCX Dashboards

CSQ Statistics

  • Display key statistics like # Agents Logged In, Available, and Unavailable as well as Wait and Talk durations per CSQ.
  • Select and filter views for one, multiple or all CSQs.
  • Configure threshold-based visual alerts for Agent availability, durations, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
UCCX Dashboards

Agent Statistics

  • Select one or multiple Agents by name, Team, or Resource Group and display desired productivity statistics such as call counts and talk times.
  • Generate reports on-demand directly from each widget to multiple output formats, including PDF and XLSX.
  • Identify the desired time period, such as current day, yesterday, or current week.
  • Easily view each Agent's current status, such as Logged In, Not Ready, Ready, Reserved, Talking, Working, or Logged out.
UCCX Dashboards

Statistical Summaries

  • Quick "at-a-glance" statistical summary and KPI totals and aggregates for one, multiple or all CSQs.
  • Carousel "block" view designed specifically for wallboards on call center TVs and monitoring screens.
  • Configure threshold-based visual alerts for Agent availability, durations, and other key performance indicators.
UCCX Dashboards

Permissions & User Visibility Restrictions

  • Configure data visibility permissions for user accounts enabling restrictions on which CSQs and Agents a user can see on the wallboard.
  • By restricting users (when appropriate) to particular CSQs and Agents, we can provide meaningful data restrictions for UCCX wallboarding.

Generate UCCX Widget as a Report

  • Generate/download "reports" from CCX widgets.
  • Select a document type, time period, file name, and delivery option (Download/Email) for the report to be generated.

CDR Reporting & Call Analytics

Data Concepts

  • New “Dialed” Party (End User, Manager, & Department) concept has been added to identify and distinguish between who was dialed vs who actually received calls.
  • New Detail Column and Search Criteria Options for Dialed Party have been added for reporting, searching, and dashboard widgets.

    New Grouping Options

  • Dialed User | Department
  • Originating, Dialed or Terminating User | Department
  • CUCM Device Description
  • CUCM Device Type

Reporting Enhancements

Configurable Grouping Summary Statistics

History reports can be configured to include and order specific call statistics per grouping.

User-Owned Reporting

All Call Analytics users will be able to create/manage their own “private” reports, in addition to existing administrative permissions.

UCCX Dashboards

Dashboard and Widget Enhancements

CDR Call Statistics Widget

Expanded CDR "Call Statistics" Widget to support and display multiple call statistic values via a horizontal carousel.

UCCX Dashboards

CDR Widget Data Summary Bar

Other existing CDR Widget types can now optionally include the Call Statistics carousel as a “Summary Bar”.

Enable/disable whether to include the summary bar, and if enabled, select/order one or multiple statistic values to be shown.

UCCX Dashboards

Configurable Aggregate Interval for Call Utilization Widget

  • 10 Minutes (default)
  • 15 Minutes
  • 30 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes

Other Improvements and Enhancements

Backup/Copy H2 as part of Upgrade

During the application upgrade process, a backup copy of Variphy Insight's internal database will be created in order to facilitate a retry attempt or system rollback, should it be necessary.

CDR Processing Suspension Alert Notification

Added support for sending alert emails when CDR processing becomes suspended for any reason.

Automated Configurable Audit Log Cleanup

  • New automated audit log cleanup, which will automatically delete files that are invalid or old audit log entries that are in the audit log directory.
  • Automatically Purge/delete any appropriate files per Cluster, in order to maintain a healthy state of disk space consumption from within any of the Cluster's Audit Log Directory.
  • Automatically delete any file which is not a valid Audit Log file (including pesky .vss files) from the Cluster's Audit Log Directory (and any sub directory within).
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