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Current GA Version 12.3.1 (October-22-2021)

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Cisco CUBE is Variphy's newest supported platform for CDR Reporting & Call Analytics.

Learn more about CUBE CDR Reporting →

Shipped (12.3)

Variphy Call Analytics support expanding to Cisco CUBE/IOS.

Our industry leading call history, reporting, scheduling, dashboard widgets, and custom labels will all be supported.

Learn more about Cisco CUBE Reporting →

CDR Call Analytics Support For Cisco Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)/IOS

As an alternative to email, Variphy's Call Analytics Reports and CDR Alerts can be delivered via Webex chat messages.

For delivery, choose direct Webex Users and/or Spaces as well as whether to include the report as an attachment or just a download link in the message.

Cisco Webex Chat Delivery Support for Call Analytics Report and CDR Alerts

Improvement allowing reports using rate-table content to be run quicker.

Variphy created a new UCCX statistic called Handled Time that sums up the talk time, hold, and work times.

UCCX Reporting For Handle Time Statistics

For those running Subscriber UCCX nodes, our application now will use the entered subscriber node info and do an automatic reconnection to the secondary node instead of primary node. This alleviates the need to reconfigure connection settings in the Variphy application.

UCCX High Availability (HA) Support

Variphy created a new UCCX call disposition called Ring No Answer (RNA) to dictate agents that did not handle a call but instead allowed it to be unanswered by them and hop to another agent.

UCCX Reporting For Handle Time Statistics

For CCX reporting on agents, data from Cisco indicates all agents involved on a call, even though they did not handle that call, get flagged as a Handled Call, even though it had hopped to another agent. Our new RNA Disposition will be used instead to even out the actual Handled Counts.

Application Upgrade will now remember one's previously set TLS level for HTTPS connections. Default TLS used is now TLS 1.3.

HTTPS TLS 1.3 & Upgrade Support

Now allows auto creation of named user accounts and associates them to predetermined app security groups. SAML or LDAP integration used to discover new users.

Auto User Provisioning

Shipping Soon (12.4)

Brute Force Login Protection allows users to configure how the Variphy app handles multiple failed login attempts from either a user or IP address.

After a determined number of login attempts, users or IP addresses will be "jailed." They cannot log into the application until the jailing period ends or an administrator manually releases them from jail.

Brute Force Login Protection configuration form:

Brute Force Login Protection configuration form

UI for Currently Jailed IP Addresses/Usernames:

 UI for Currently Jailed IP Addresses/Usernames

Updates Wrap-Up Reason query logic to look at new tables introduced in UCCX 12.0.

These changes allow users of all supported UCCX versions to view and search on Wrap-Up Reasons.

Search On and Display Wrap-up Reasons in UCCX Reports, Wallboards

Adds Call Detail Search Set support to the following UCCX widgets:

  • Agent Statistic Details
  • CSQ Statistic Details
  • CSQ Summary
  • CSQ Time Period Statistics

Gives users more control to configure which calls should be factored into a widget's statistical output.

Provides feature parity with search functions in CUCM and CUBE CDR widgets.

Call Detail Search Set Support for UCCX Historical Reporting Widgets

Variphy caches CDR widget data based on a rolling time window.

Fast, resource-efficient queries can be performed on subsequent widget refreshes.

Available for CUCM and CUBE widgets.

Dashboard widget cache configuration form:

Rolling Time Window CDR Widget Data Caching

Replaces schedule type "Monthly" with "By Month."

"By Month" allows users to select months in which they want the schedule to run.

Available for CUCM, UCCX, and CUBE Call Analytics Report schedules.

Available for CUCM, UCCX, and CUC As-Built Report, Snapshot, and Comparison schedules.

"By Month" schedule configuration form inputs:

By Month Quarterly Scheduling CUCM CDR/CUBE/UCCX Reports

Introduces a new application privilege that allows non-admin users to share their dashboards with any other user.

New Can Share Dashboards privilege:

Non-admin users will be able to share out their owned dashboards

DID Blocks can be configured to use any 3-digit number for Area Code and NXX, including those that start with "0," to better support complex dial plan configurations.

Allow Any 3 Digits in Area Code and NXX

Users may copy an entire dashboard, whether they own it, or it is shared with them.

Allows users to take an existing dashboard that they like and copy it so that they own a variation. They can then make customizations; this will not affect any other users utilizing the original dashboard.

Ability to copy an entire dashboard

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