Variphy 12.1.7 Now Available

IMPORTANTInternet Explorer 11 Support Ended July 31, 2020

New Announcement Dashboard Widget type, CDR Analytics by month, CDR Top N Widget is now the Grouping Statistics Widget type, configurable Widget Vertical Spacing, DN/DID Management searches now include Called Party Transform Mask & more.

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Variphy is announcing that effective July 31, 2020, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (aka “IE 11”) will no longer be a supported web browser for its products and services. If you are still actively using IE 11 for Variphy, we recommend you switch to a supported browser as soon as possible. Starting in Variphy 12.1.3, if you are using IE 11, the following warning message will appear at the top of the page in the Variphy application. Read our full announcement for more information - Support For Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Ending July 31, 2020.

Called Party Transform Masks without wildcards will also be matched, if applicable.

One or multiple DID Number Blocks can be imported into Variphy DID Management via the provided CSV template and import capability. DID Blocks will be automatically created in Variphy based upon the Area Code and Exchange combinations found in the CSV import file supported included numbers, excluded numbers, as well as CUCM DN Mapping Exceptions.

>CSV Import for DID Blocks in Variphy DID Management

Our newest widget type allows messages and other announcements to be displayed on 1 or multiple dashboards. Choose between a "Wrapping" or "Horizontal Scrolling Ticker" style for the announcement text or message.

View the New Announcement Dashboard Widget Type Knowledge Base article for more information on this new Widget type.

To make better use of screen and wallboard real estate, the new "Appearance" (formerly "Font Sizes") menu for Dashboards and Widgets will allow the "Vertical Spacing" to be configured, by choosing from "Tiny", "Compact", or "Standard" options. The following example shows the Tiny Vertical Spacing option, which effectively would fit the most content into a Widget's footprint.

View the How To Configure Dashboard Widget Appearance, Font Sizes & Vertical Spacing Knowledge Base article for more information.

Changes to the Dashboard or specific Widget Font Size will also be reflected in chart-based Widget labels.

The existing CUCM CDR "Top N" Dashboard Widget will be renamed and expanded to the "Grouping Statistics" Widget, allowing 1 or multiple statistics to be shown (and ordered) for each Grouping, as opposed to just "Total Calls" in previous versions. The following example shows Groupings by Calling Party Number with the following statistics (many more can be selected):

  • Total Call Count
  • Total Call Duration
  • Originating Call Count
  • Originating Average Call Duration
  • Connected Call %
  • Abandoned Call %

Our newest UCCX wallboarding widget type also will the ability to show a real-time Agent State & Count summary in chart and/or table format, with or without the specific Agent details.

For CUCM CDR Dashboard and Reporting Analytics, a new Time Period Unit Type option for "Month" will be available, based upon the month and year (January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, etc) of when each call originated.

For CUCM Department or End User Custom Attribute Primary Grouping Types, CUCM End User ID can now be selected as an optional Secondary Grouping Type. For CUCM Device Description, Device Type or Device Pool Primary Grouping Types, CUCM Device can now be selected as an optional Secondary Grouping Type.

If configured, Secondary Groupings can now be included in CDR reporting in the Grouping Summary, Analytics content, as well as Call History Details.

We've added a new Time Period Unit Type option for "Week" for analytics based upon the week of year (Sunday-Saturday).

This new UCCX search type provides allows you to filter UCCX call activity based upon the Call Wrapup Data as a full text conditional field.

Cisco 8821 IP Phone model is now supported for Remote Phone Control, Macros & Broadcast.

In The Works

All CUCM and UCCX Call Analytics reports attempted will be saved to the repository where report history can be (re)downloaded, searched, and shared via URLs and configurable Repository disk management will preserve system stability.

UCCX CSQ and Agent Call Analytics reports will have new time period chart and table content options for day of week, date, hour of day, half hour of day, quarter hour of day, week and month time intervals to show count, percentage, and/or duration based statistics.

Configure 1 or Multiple Sets of Custom Labels for CUCM vs UCCX and replace Cisco technical terminology with what YOUR Organization uses. Apply a label set to widgets and reports as well as restrict users to specific labels for simpler usability.

Create country specific blocks supporting international number formats for a selected country code. Also, import international number formats.

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