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Current GA Version 12.2.4 (June-15-2021)

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Cisco Native Call Queuing
Wed Jun 23rd, 2021 @ 11:00 AM US/Pacific

Understanding some new Parameters available in Variphy
Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 11:00 AM US/Pacific

Changing OVA App and Network Configs (HTTP(S) ports, DNS, NTP (TimeSync), Date, Enforcing TLS 1.2)
Wed Jul 14th, 2021 @ 11:00 AM US/Pacific


CUCM and Unity 14.0 are fully supported for CUCM CDR Call Analytics, Dashboards, DN/DID Reporting, Change Management, As-Built Reporting, Remote Phone Control, Macros and Broadcast.

Variphy's industry leading CUCM CDR Call Analytics is now generally available in the Cloud.

Don't worry, our on-premise solution is here to stay as well and can be used in hybrid deployment modes as well!

Learn more about Variphy Cloud >

Cisco CUBE is Variphy's newest supported platform for CDR Reporting & Call Analytics.

If you're interested in participating in EFT, please let us know at beta@variphy.com →

Learn more about CUBE CDR Reporting →


We've added the ability to search and compute statistics for call activity based upon the Call Secured Status value for each call - which can be "Non-Secured," "Authenticated," or "Secured."

Added CDR Secondary Grouping Type for Accounting Call Type for specific End User, Department, Custom Attribute, and Device-related Primary Grouping Types.

Analytics chart content which was previously only supported for PDF report output will now also be supported for HTML.

For UCCX Real-Time Agent Widgets, new primary and secondary sorting fields will determine how Agents are sorted in the widget's Activity Table, if enabled.

A new CSQ Time Period Statistics Widget for UCCX Wallboarding introduces the ability to chart 1 or multiple time-based statistics for a CSQ, by Day of Week, Hour of Day, Week, etc., in either bar or line format.

When generating the CUCM IP Phone Serial Numbers, Firmware, and CDP As-Built Report in CSV output format, each phone's "Owner User" will appear (if any).

A new Application Settings option has been added allowing 1 or more default email recipients to be specified for system notifications and alerts.

For supported alerting, either the default alert recipients can be selected or overridden manually.

Shipping Soon (12.3.0-EFT1)

Variphy Call Analytics support expanding to Cisco CUBE/IOS.

Our industry leading call history, reporting, scheduling, dashboard widgets, and custom labels will all be supported.

Learn more about Cisco CUBE Reporting →

If you're interested in participating in EFT, please let us know at beta@variphy.com.

As an alternative to email, Variphy's Call Analytics Reports and CDR Alerts can be delivered via Webex chat messages.

For delivery, choose direct Webex Users and/or Spaces as well as whether to include the report as an attachment or just a download link in the message.

Statistics/metrics for Handle Time, considered as Talk + Hold + Work Time will be supported by Variphy's UCCX Analytics Reporting

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