Variphy 12.2.3 GA
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UCCX CSQ Time Period Statistics Widget, Configurable Sorting for UCCX Real-Time Agent Widget,
Email Report Repository Download Links instead of File Attachments, SVG Charts & more!

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End Of Life/Support Announcements

To align with Cisco's Last Date of Support: App. SW, CUCM and Unity Connection version 9.x and older will no longer be supported in Variphy 12.2.

For more information, please review Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcements.

Variphy is announcing that effective July 31, 2020, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (aka “IE 11”) will no longer be a supported web browser for its products and services. If you are still actively using IE 11 for Variphy, we recommend you switch to a supported browser as soon as possible. Starting in Variphy 12.1.3, if you are using IE 11, the following warning message will appear at the top of the page in the Variphy application. Read our full announcement for more information - Support For Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Ending July 31, 2020.


For UCCX Real-Time Agent Widgets, new primary and secondary sorting fields will determine how Agents are sorted in the widget's Activity Table, if enabled.

A new CSQ Time Period Statistics Widget for UCCX Wallboarding introduces the ability to chart 1 or multiple time-based statistics for a CSQ, by Day of Week, Hour of Day, Week, etc., in either bar or line format.

Added CDR Secondary Grouping Type for Accounting Call Type for specific End User, Department, Custom Attribute, and Device-related Primary Grouping Types.

Analytics chart content which was previously only supported for PDF report output will now also be supported for HTML.

When generating the CUCM IP Phone Serial Numbers, Firmware, and CDP As-Built Report in CSV output format, each phone's "Owner User" will appear (if any).

A new Application Settings option has been added allowing 1 or more default email recipients to be specified for system notifications and alerts.

For supported alerting, either the default alert recipients can be selected or overridden manually.

Shipping Soon (12.2.4)

Variphy's industry leading CUCM CDR Call Analytics will soon be available in the Cloud. EFT is currently in progress through May 2021.

Don't worry, our on-premise solution is here to stay as well and be used in hybrid deployment modes as well!

If you're interested in participating in EFT, please let us know at

CUCM and Unity 14.0 is fully supported for CUCM CDR Call Analytics, Dashboards, DN/DID Reporting, Change Management, As-Built Reporting, Remote Phone Control, Macros and Broadcast.

In The Works (12.3)

Variphy Call Analytics support expanding to Cisco CUBE/IOS.

Our industry leading call history, reporting, scheduling, dashboard widgets, and custom labels will all be supported.

If you're interested in participating in EFT, please let us know at

As an alternative to email, Variphy's Call Analytics Reports and CDR Alerts can be delivered via Webex chat messages.

For delivery, choose direct Webex Users and/or Spaces as well as whether to include the report as an attachment or just a download link in the message.

Statistics/metrics for Handle Time, considered as Talk + Hold + Work Time will be supported by Variphy's UCCX Analytics Reporting

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