Cisco Call Analytics Reporting

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Installation is a breeze - we're eager to assist you via Webex. Customizable reporting for call history, capacity utilization, quality & statistics. Auto-synchronize with CUCM devices, end users, and more.

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Call Scenario Volume by Hour, Day of Week, and More

  • Total or per end user, device, directory number, device pool, department, or many other options
  • When is our busy full, half, or quarter hour of the day?
  • When is the slowest hour for inbound support calls?

Configurable 911 or Criteria-Based Alerting

  • Total Calls, Abandoned Calls, Voice Mail Calls, Answered Calls, Transferred Call, Two Way Video Calls, Not Connected Calls, Forwarded Calls, Queued Calls and More...
  • What's the peak, low, and average abandoned and voice mail rate?
  • How many calls to the call center are not connecting per hour?

Concurrent Call Activity

  • Identify the total number of concurrent calls for any criteria.
  • What's our SIP trunk or PRI utilization?
  • How many concurrent support calls do we typically receive?
  • What is the normal WAN utilization to the branch offices?

Total & Average Call Counts, Percentages, Call Durations, Ring Durations, Queue Durations, and other Call Statistics

  • What percentage of the inside sales agents' calls are lasting longer than 30 seconds?
  • Which hour has the highest abandoned and voice mail rate?
  • What's the call center's average ring duration per hour?


Variphy's new Call Analytics & Statistics Reporting for Cisco CUCM CDR lets you quickly build reports that contain only the call scenarios and data statistics that matter to you, and in your desired presentation format.

Reports can be generated on the fly or scheduled for automated email delivery to HR, management, or other groups on a scheduled basis. Imagine having a monthly, weekly or daily report, showing outbound/inbound call traffic, calls to emergency services, international calls, and/or calls to the help desk or call center agents.

Every organization is unique. In seconds we can help you customize your own CDR Reports to meet your requirements.

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