Cisco Call Analytics Reporting

Search, track, report, alert, schedule, email, & relax

Customizable CDR reporting for CUCM call history, capacity utilization, statistics, quality, 911 emergency triggers, & more. Auto-synchronize with CUCM devices, device pools, end users, departments.

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Instantly Search & Report on Cisco CDR

  • Search & report by multiple parameters including Party Number, Device Name, Device Pool, End User, Department, Hunt Group, Call Queued Duration, Redirect Reason, Cause Code, Video Codec, and much more.
  • Call History searches can include multiple criteria using our usual Match Any vs All logic.
  • How many calls went to voicemail or were abandoned? Who has been making international calls? Which users still aren't using the new on-net dial plan?
  • Display & Filter by Loss Concealment Ratio or Duration.

Configurable 911 or Criteria-Based Alerting

  • Automatically be among the 1st to know who dialed 911. Variphy's alerts will provide End Users details, location, department, etc.
  • Configure CDR search parameters to trigger an alert on emergency calls, toll fraud, long distance, queue durations, dropped calls & other failures such as capacity or bandwidth issues.

Cradle to Grave Reporting & Visibility

  • Track the complete call flow for each call in one single report.
  • Visualize the Cradle to the Grave sequence showing related calls "before" and "after" within the same time period searched.
  • Identify sequence events such as Transferred, Forwarded, and Conference calls.

Group & summarize data

  • Group & summarize data by CUCM end user, directory number, device, partition, device pool, cause code, etc.
  • Completely automate the delivery of user-friendly CDR reports to departments and stakeholders for their user & team call history activity.
  • Organize and group all calls to the main number by which receptionist or agent answered each call.

Variphy Goes Beyond Cisco CDR Fields Only

  • Variphy will provide you with additional CDR fields including Department, End Users name, Device Pool, Device Description, & Cisco Device Type.
  • Stop tracking users, extensions and devices outside of CUCM for CDR reporting - Variphy Call Analytics does this automatically for you.

Automate it. Schedule it. Email it. Done.

  • Automate your Cisco CDR reporting with scheduled deliveries.
  • Email or FTP to a shared drive hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Provide reports the way users need them - choose from PDF, XLXS, HTML, or CSV.

User Roles & Permissions

  • Support multiple clusters & user accounts.
  • Select and define users privileges by roles, clusters, reports & data visibility.
  • Single sign-on through Microsoft Active Directory integration.

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