Cisco Call Analytics Reporting

Customizable CDR reporting for CUCM call history, capacity utilization, statistics, quality, 911 emergency triggers, & more

Auto-synchronize with CUCM devices, device pools, end users, departments

Search, track, report, alert, schedule, email, & relax

Instantly Search & Report on Cisco CDR

  • Search & report by multiple parameters including Party Number, Device Name, Device Pool, End User, Department, Hunt Group, Call Queued Duration, Redirect Reason, Cause Code, Video Codec, and much more...
  • How many calls went to voicemail or were abandoned? Who has been making international calls? Which users still aren't using the new on-net dial plan?

Configurable 911 or Other Call Based Email Alerting

  • Quickly find out who dialed 911, when, and where? Variphy's alerts will provide End Users details, location, department, etc.
  • Configure CDR search parameters to trigger an alert on emergency calls, toll fraud, long distance, queue durations, dropped calls & other failures such as capacity or bandwidth issues

Cradle to Grave Reporting & Visibility

  • Track the complete call flow for each call in one single report
  • Visualize the Cradle to the Grave sequence showing related calls "before" and "after" within the same time period searched
  • Identify sequence events such Transferred, Forwarded, and Conference calls

Group and summarize data by CUCM end user, directory number, device, partition, device pool, cause code, etc.

  • Completely automate the delivery of user-friendly CDR reports to departments and stakeholders for their user & team call history activity
  • Organize and group all calls to the main number by which receptionist or agent answered each call

Variphy Goes Beyond Cisco CDR Fields Only

  • Variphy will provide you with additional CDR fields including Department, End Users name, Device Pool, Device Description, & Cisco Device Type
  • CUCM information can be uniquely and automatically incorporated into reports
  • Stop tracking users, extensions and devices outside of CUCM for CDR reporting - Variphy Call Analytics does this automatically for you

Automate it. Schedule it. Email it. Done.

  • Automate your Cisco CDR reporting with scheduled deliveries
  • Email or FTP to a shared drive hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Provide reports the way users need them - choose from PDF, XLXS, HTML, or CSV

User Roles & Permissions

  • Support multiple clusters & user accounts
  • Select and define uers privileges by roles, clusters, reports & data visibility
  • Single sign-on through Microsoft Active Directory integration

Let's Recap

1) Variphy Call Analytics simplifies and automates how you search, analyze, and report on all of your Cisco CDR records.

2) Choose from a multitude of CDR search and reporting options, including how CDR history and statistics are grouped and organized, as well as which optional charts & analytics to include.

3) Reports can be generated on the fly or scheduled for automated email or FTP delivery to HR, management, or other groups on a scheduled basis. Imagine having a monthly, weekly or daily report, showing outbound/inbound call traffic, calls to emergency services, international calls, and/or calls to the help desk or call center agents.

4) Every organization is unique. In seconds, we can help you customize your own CDR Reports to meet your requirements. You can create as many as you need to satisfy every user or department request.

5) Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) only keeps a very limted amount of CDR data. If you're still relying on CAR, you're not getting the most of your UC manageability and you may not be able to meet newer compliance and audit trends being considered by your organization.

Next in Cisco CDR Reporting by Variphy...

Call Analytics

  • How many concurrent calls are being handled by the call center or sales team?
  • Which hour has the highest abandoned and voice mail rate?
  • How many calls are going to voicemail, queued, not connecting, or being forwarded?
  • Learn more >

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