Dashboards & Widgets

See and understand your CUCM data.

Display your data how you want it. We've enhanced CDR Reporting & Call Analytics by introducing fully customizable Dashboards & Widgets.

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User specific Dashboards

  • Users can create new dashboards, set a unique configurable name, select and view owned or shared dashboards by other users, and set a default dashboard.
  • Each Dashboard can now contain widgets from multiple CUCM/CCX Clusters. Individual widgets are still cluster-specific.
  • The contents of each dashboard are made up of widgets - each with its own configuration.
  • Drag and drop to resize or re-position widgets just the way you want them. Everything, including the data, time period, output type, title, icon, & colors can be configured.

Fully configurable Widgets

  • Choose from interactive pie, bar, and line charts to simple, but effective data tables.
  • Drag-and-drop to resize or reposition Widgets just the way you want them.
  • Copy Widgets within the same or between different dashboards.
  • For wallboards or shared display monitors, Dashboard widget text can be scaled up or down to improve readability.

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