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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import CDR data from Cisco CAR into Variphy Call Analytics?

Of course!

CDR data exported from CUCM's CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR), can be automatically imported directly into Variphy Call Analytics. It's quick and easy to upgrade and replace your existing CDR reporting product or process by immediately providing visibility into all the historical CDR data you can export out of your CUCM via CAR.

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What are the system requirements to evaluate Variphy Call Analytics?

We recommend that Variphy Insight be installed in a "stand-alone" function, or at least be the primary application running on the machine.

Hardware Platform: Physical or Virtual Machine

Operating System: 64-Bit Windows or Variphy's Linux OVA

Available System RAM: 4 GB - 12 GB (depending on the call volume)

Available Hard Disk Space: 25 - 120 GB

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What Cisco UC Products are supported for Variphy Call Analytics?

Being a Technology Solutions partner with Cisco, Variphy develops and confirms compatibility with all new versions of Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), currently versions CUCM 6.0 to 11.5.

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Can Variphy Call Analytics report how many calls go to Voice Mail?

Yes! Calls to voicemail can typically be identified by the CUCM Voice Mail Port prefix as 'Terminating Device Name' in CDR. Combining this with the 'Calling Party Number' and/or 'Original Called Number' can further isolate calls.

Voice Mail and dozens of other call scenarios (such as Connected vs Non-Connected, Transferred, and Queued) can be identified and reported on with Variphy Call Analytics.

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Does Cisco CDR Reporting allow for real-time reporting?

CDRs are generated by Cisco CUCM only once the call completes or terminates. At that point, CUCM will forward the records to Variphy Call Analytics for processing, and you can typically see call records as fast as 1-2 minutes after the call has completed.

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Are multiple CUCM Clusters supported for Cisco CDR Reporting?

Yes! Variphy Call Analytics supports an unlimited number of CUCM clusters, even with different versions.

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