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Can I import CDR data from Cisco CAR into Variphy Call Analytics?

Of course!

CDR data exported from CUCM's CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR), can be automatically imported directly into Variphy Call Analytics. It's quick and easy to upgrade and replace your existing CDR reporting product or process by immediately providing visibility into all the historical CDR data you can export out of your CUCM via CAR.

What are the system requirements to evaluate Variphy Call Analytics?

We recommend that Variphy Insight be installed in a "stand-alone" function, or at least be the primary application running on the machine.

Hardware Platform: Physical or Virtual Machine

Operating System: 64-Bit Windows or Variphy's Linux OVA

Available System RAM: 4 GB - 12 GB (depending on the call volume)

Available Hard Disk Space: 25 - 120 GB

What Cisco UC Products are supported for Variphy Call Analytics?

As a Technology Solutions partner with Cisco, Variphy develops and confirms compatibility with all new versions of Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), currently versions CUCM 8.5 to 12.5.

Can Variphy Call Analytics report how many calls go to Voice Mail?

Yes! Calls to voicemail can typically be identified by the CUCM Voice Mail Port prefix as 'Terminating Device Name' in CDR. Combining this with the 'Calling Party Number' and/or 'Original Called Number' can further isolate calls.

Voice Mail and dozens of other call scenarios (such as Connected vs Non-Connected, Transferred, and Queued) can be identified and reported on with Variphy Call Analytics.

Does Cisco CDR Reporting allow for real-time reporting?

CDRs are generated by Cisco CUCM only once the call completes or terminates. At that point, CUCM will forward the records to Variphy Call Analytics for processing, and you can typically see call records as fast as 1-2 minutes after the call has completed.

Are multiple CUCM Clusters supported for Cisco CDR Reporting?

Yes! Variphy Call Analytics supports an unlimited number of CUCM clusters, even with different versions.

Does Variphy Call Analytics include and support call quality metrics like jitter, packet loss, latency and MOS?

Yes! Cisco Call Quality Reports enable your Call Management/Diagnostic (CMR) data to be searched via participating device, or directory number, with thresholds for voice quality metrics that you establish.

  • Filter and report by M.O.S., Loss Concealment, Jitter, Packet Loss, & Latency
  • What is the average MOS score for these calls?
  • What is my Jitter/ Latency value in milliseconds?
  • Does Packet Loss exceed my minimum acceptable percentage?
  • Identify & report on only those calls that exceed your voice quality thresholds

Webinars for Cisco CDR Reporting - FAQ

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13.1 New Feature: Computed Ring Time
Why should you be utilizing computed ring time? SEs Jon and Matt show you 13.1’s new computed ring time and how the data provides granularity to your reports.
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Advanced call type utilization for outside the box reporting
How to take advantage of Variphy's Rate tables to develop customized call types.
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Advanced Search Set Usage
Learn how to use multiple Search Sets to get advanced views into specific calling scenarios. Search Sets and Search Criteria are two of the most fundamental and important concepts in Variphy CUCM CDR Call Analytics, as they shape all reports, dashboard widgets, alerts, and history search results.
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Auto User Provisioning
New in Variphy 12.3.0: auto user provisioning. Jim and Matt demonstrate one of our latest features.
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Basics of Cisco CDR
Understanding the basics of Cisco CDR.
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Building CDR Alerts and using Variphy's Configurable Device List
How to build CDR Alerts and utilize Variphy Devices/Lists for call stream capacity utilization metrics and convenient searching for CUCM Call Analytics.
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Call Detail Search Sets
Call detail search sets allow users to customize widgets by filtering call detail records. Systems engineer Victor walks through how to build and use call detail search sets.
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Call Scenarios 101 — Transferred Calls
Transferred calls – transfer to, transfer from, blind transfer, consultative transfer, and forward to – are types of call scenarios that can be identified via Variphy Call Analytics. SEs Jon and Mike discuss each scenario and how it can be utilized for more robust reporting.
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Call Transfers & Auto Attendant
Where are your employees transferring calls? How can you align your auto attendant to direct your customers appropriately? Systems engineer Matt demonstrates how to use C2G (Cradle to Grave) search to enhance customer experience.
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Capacity Utilization Beyond Monitoring Gateways
Join Phil & Vic as they show how to easily build Capacity Utilization Widgets & Reports using Variphy.
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Capacity Utilization Reports & Dashboards
Systems engineers Victor and Dre cover capacity utilization reporting beyond monitoring gateways.
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CDR Cradle to Grave Reporting
Get an in-depth demo of Variphy's CDR Cradle to Grave Reporting. Learn how to track complete call flows for each call in a single report. Easily visualize the Cradle to Grave sequence showing related calls "before" and "after" within the same time period searched. We'll also show you how to identify sequence events such as Transferred, Forwarded, and Conferenced calls.
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CDR Reporting: Work From Home vs. Office Productivity
Dre and Victor will coach you on how to use the phone type to compare productivity on virtual phones vs. hard phones in Variphy's CUCM CDR Reporting.
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Cisco Cause Codes
Cisco Cause Codes can help you determine your call flow. Learn how to use Variphy’s reports on Cause Codes to understand call scenarios and termination reasons.
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Cisco Native Call Queuing
Join Mike and Victor for a technical overview of the Cisco Native Call Queuing data available for reports in the Variphy environment. This includes events such as queue time, no answer from users, and average queue time fields.
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COVID-19: How to Report on Your Now Fully Remote Workforce
Grab your Cheetos! Join Vic as he walks you through creating reports to help monitor your newly provisioned remote workforce.
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COVID-19: How to Report on Your Now Fully Remote Workforce Pt. 2
Grab your Cheetos! Join Vic as he walks you through creating reports to help monitor your newly provisioned remote workforce.
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CUCM CDR vs. UCCX Contact Center Reporting
Join Matt and Mike as they guide you through the differences between CDR and UCCX call reporting, and how they complement one another.
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CUCM Phone Macros
Have you ever had to walk around your offices manually pushing buttons on IP phones in order to enable a certain setting (corporate logo, ringtone, erase a setting, etc.)? Variphy's Cisco Phone Macros provide a simple way of changing the backgrounds on all your IP phones, testing the MeetMe conferencing of phones at a satellite location, or even validating call admission control over a WAN link. In the end, using Phone Macro will reduce your administrative burden and increase your efficiency.
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Custom Attributes and Custom Labels
Use of Custom Attributes and Custom Labels help create Organizational based reports.
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Customizing Reports to Reflect Your Brand
How can you customize reports to reflect your brand? Systems engineer Jim walks through how to change colors and add logos to make your call analytics reports uniquely yours.
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Extension Detail and Grouping
Systems engineers Matt and Jim cover the New Extension grouping changes in 12.3.0.
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General Troubleshooting Steps for No Data
Top 5 troubleshooting steps for No Data issues. How to troubleshoot issues when you're getting no data.
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How Cisco CDR/Cradle to Grave Can Complement UCCX
See how Variphy's CDR "Cradle to Grave" reporting can complement Contact Center/UCCX by providing instant visibility into underlying data. Learn how Calls failing in CCX triggers, never make it to CSQ, To view calls bouncing out of CCX agents., and Quickly generate a report showing agents & non-agent organizational stats.
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How to build organizational summary reports with departments and end users
Let Mike and Matt show you how you can use CUCM CDR reporting and analytics to create organizational summary reports with departments and end users. Learn how to use search sets to include only the information that matters to you.
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How to report Answer and Abandonment rates as calls traverse through your Call Handler
Systems Engineers Matt and Dre will show you how to report on answer and abandonment rates through Call Handler menu options or hunt groups. Some examples: Cradle to Grave on calls answered in under 30sec and average speed of answer.
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How to Troubleshoot Partial or Missing Data
What should you do if you can’t locate your calls in Variphy or Cisco CAR? Systems Engineer Jim demos you how to deal with UCM issues and retrieve your data.
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How to Use Grouping to Identify Call Events
Systems engineers Mike and Victor show you how to use grouping options in Variphy’s call reporting to identify multiple call attempts, first call resolution, cause codes, and more. Learn how this easy-to-use feature can help narrow your reports to find valuable information quickly.
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How to: Build CUCM CDR Capacity Utilization Widgets and Reports
How to: Build CUCM CDR Capacity Utilization Widgets & Reports
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How to: Find dormant or underutilized phones/users
Get an in-depth demo of how Variphy's Cisco CDR Reporting makes it easy to identify dormant phones or end users that haven't made or received any or a minimum number of calls so that CUCM licenses can be reclaimed and reassigned.
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How to: Help with CUCM Management
Join Matt & Victor as they walk through Variphy modules to provide exposure and assistance for CUCM Management.
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How Variphy determines call scenarios
Discuss how Variphy determines different call scenarios including abandoned, connected vs not connected, voicemail and consult transfer vs transfer.
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Hunt Group Reporting
Walk through creating and reporting Hunt Group and end user activity.
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Hunt Group Reporting with Cradle to Grave Advanced Search Sets
How/where are calls being transferred from Hunt Groups. Are rollover hunt groups being used/how often.
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Hunt Group Utilization
This session will expand on normal Hunt Group reporting in Variphy. This session goes in depth and covers reporting hunt group utilization by Hunt Descriptions.
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Identifying Dropped Calls
Is your hunt group hanging up on your customers? Systems engineers Victor and Matt demonstrate how to use Variphy to isolate and report on calls dropped by hunt groups.
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Improvements: Computed Ring Time & Cradle-to-Grave Sequence Persistence
Systems engineers Matt and Jim walk through Variphy’s improved computed CUCM ring time and cradle-to-grave sequence persistence. Learn how to filter out talk time from a previous call leg’s ring time.
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Introduction to Variphy New Features
We'll walk you through the latest features and enhancements available with Variphy. Watch a live demo and get your questions answered by our knowledgable engineers.
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LDAP Role Based Access
Walk through setting up AD integration and setting up application security roles for each group of users in AD.
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Parked Calls
How do you identify parked calls? SEs Dre and Mike explain how to find parked calls, understand the differences in how calls are parked, and report on them.
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Quality Metrics
Join Vic and Matt as they dive into quality reporting from the UCM QoS records (CMR).
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Quick Start Guide to UCM Call Analytics
You deployed Variphy for UCM Call Analytics . . . Now what? Our systems engineers show you how to perform these fundamental tasks: - Run reports - Perform a wildcard search - Show/hide columns (Recognizing CUCM attributes) - Add a dashboard or widget - Create and save a report
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Rate Tables
Join Matt & Victor as they walk through utilizing rate tables within Call Analytics
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Report Generation: Know Your Options
Wondering which options you should be using when you generate reports? Systems engineers Victor and Mike go over all our reporting features, such as period-over-period, summary stats, and grouping options.
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Report on your organization's Busy Hours
Do you know how to report on your organization’s busy hours? SEs Jon and Brian demonstrate how to display these statistics and other data summaries in this workshop.
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Report Templates: How to import and utilize
Join Brian and Dre as they show you how to import and utilize report templates.
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Using Cradle to Grave to Help Determine Unity Options
Advanced C2G to help determine which options are being utilized in Unity.
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Variphy 12.2 Custom Labels
Create and use custom label sets for CUCM and/or UCCX within Variphy; replace Cisco technical terminology with what YOUR Organization uses.
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Variphy Call Scenarios Explained
What do call scenarios like abandoned, answered, voicemail, connected, and not connected mean? Hosts and systems engineers Brian and Jim discuss each one in this workshop.
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Variphy Cloud Functionality and Architecture
Learn about the functionality and architecture of the new Variphy Cloud.
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Variphy Departmental Productivity/End User Reporting
Use of Custom Attributes and Custom Labels help create Organizational based reports.
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Variphy report and alert delivery via WebEx ChatBot
Brian and Mike will show you how to configure and use Variphy's new Webex Chat delivery option for CDR and UCCX reports and alerts.
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Variphy Systems Engineers AMA!
Bring all your burning questions to our special AMA with systems engineers Brian, Mike, and Vic! They’ll be on hand to answer your questions, from product features to Planet Variphy and everything in between.
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Variphy's Auto Database Archiving
Why should you utilize our Database Archiving feature? Jim and Victor will explain what it is and how to set it up on an existing cluster.
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WebEx Chat Report & Alert Delivery
Systems engineers Matt and Mike demonstrate how to set up a WebEx Chat bot. Learn how you can generate chat usage reports and alerts in Variphy 12.3.
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What's New in Variphy 12.1.5
Variphy's upcoming release 12.1.5 will offer a slew of Dashboard improvements.We will cover the new 'Grouping Statistics' and 'Announcement' widgets, a few new Dashboard display/formatting options, and a new CDR time frame option, as well as added functionality within our DID Management module.
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What's New in Variphy 12.2
Join Matt & Mike as they showcase all the new features in Variphy 12.2!
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