Cisco Change Management

Variphy's Cisco Change Management allows you to easily identify what's changed in your UC environment. From IP phones being added, changed, or deleted; to your Route Pattern modifications; all the way down to Speed Dials being added on your IP phones. You'll see exactly what's changed before and after.

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Have you ever walked into the office after a weekend to find out that you're having issues with your Unified Communications cluster? When you left on Friday, everything was in working order.

Wouldn't you like to find out what's changed from last week to now? With Variphy Insight, you'll get that information with just a few clicks.

This should be the first step you take in identifying and establishing change management for your Unified Communications System. Because Variphy Insight's comparison engine is CUCM version aware, it will recognize the required data fields, publish your report and let you focus on the next issue at hand.

  • Configuration or Baseline Snapshots can be manually taken or automated
  • Change Reports can be emailed automatically
  • Compare your real-time environment or any snapshot, to a historic Snapshot in minutes
  • Track what has been added, changed, or deleted in your UC environment
  • Supports multi-cluster and multi-version CUCM environments
  • Pinpoint which user login made the change and the IP address it came from through Audit Log Analysis

Establish UC configuration Snapshots on-demand or automatic schedule

  • Create snapshots before and after upgrades, migrations, and expansions
  • Schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Archive and track historical device inventory and dial plan configurations

Compare Snapshots to identify administrative changes

  • Compare and contrast all system settings or a customizable core set of data that's critical to you
  • Changes are first summarized, then organized into what has been added, deleted, or changed
  • Comparison reports can be generated on-demand or scheduled for automatic delivery

Drill down for granular field by field changes revealing the before and after UC configurations

  • Compare after minor and major upgrades to reveal any inconsistencies
  • Identify changes impacting the dial plan or device configurations with industry leading granularity

Filter contents of one or more UC audit log files

  • Select one or more UC audit log files to identify events in the desired time period
  • Filter out unwanted noise by selecting only the appropriate event types
  • Select specific User IDs to track activity or select all to identify who performed an operation

Identify the User ID and other key information tied to the logged event

  • Date/Time the event took place
  • Originator's IP Address (was the event made via a VPN connection?)
  • View the UC Cluster event status as Successful or Failed

Drill down for granular field by field changes revealing the before and after UC configurations

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