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Cisco CUCM DID Number
Inventory Management

Move your DID Block & Number inventory out of spreadsheets and into Variphy. Search, tag, and report upon active and available numbers based upon real-time correlation with CUCM and assign block-based user permissions.

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Web-based DID inventory management system overview

  • Multiple DID Blocks are stored and accessed without spreadsheets.
  • DID number availability is automatically discovered based upon real-time CUCM status.
  • Assigning user permissions to DID Blocks is easy.
  • DID Blocks can be associated to one or multiple CUCM clusters.
Easily find Available, Inactive, Unassigned, and Active DIDs/DNs.

DID Block Management and Configuration

  • DID Blocks can be assigned to 1 or multiple Sites and Clusters.
  • Automatically create 1 or multiple DID Blocks by importing DID numbers via CSV
  • Easily identify Number Ranges and also Exclude Number Ranges.
  • Create CUCM association using Site Codes/Prefix(es), DN Digit Match Count, and Partitions.
  • Apply Tags to Number Ranges and Individual Numbers.

User Permissions

  • Restrict Users/Groups to Sites/DID Blocks.
  • Assign access levels: Read vs. Write privileges.
  • User and/or User Group based.

Find, Filter, and Report using DID Management

  • Easily find Available, Inactive, Unassigned, and Active DIDs/DNs.
  • Filter/Analyze by Status.
  • Real-Time Auto CUCM DN Correlation.
  • Generate Reports with one-click.
  • Search Tags and also apply Tags in results.

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