Cisco Remote Phone Control

Cisco Remote Phone Control by Variphy will help save you time troubleshooting your end-user's problems and increase productivity in your Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment. Much like remote PC desktop control, Remote Phone Control achieves the same increase in productivity.

  • Remotely control one or more physical Cisco IP phones
  • 100% web-based with support for multiple simultaneous control sessions
  • Test, service, and fix phones in remote offices or behind locked office doors
  • Multi-Cluster capable for CUCM 6.0 and later


Take control of a phone to make test calls, confirm and validate troubleshooting fixes; all from the comfort of your on-network PC. Enhance end-user troubleshooting in real-time and virtually train them.

  • Search for and control Cisco IP phones by Directory Number, Description, Device Name, Device Pool, Location, Partition, Phone Type and more
  • Supports just about every physical Cisco IP phone model, including 6900s, 7800s, 7900s, 8800s and 8900s
  • Initiate/answer test calls, validate caller ID and number masking, test extension mobility and other services, change background images and TFTP Server settings
  • Measure real-time voice Quality of Service, including loss concealment ratios, Mean Opinion Score (MOS), and packet loss
  • Confirm phone settings and update device firmware
Cisco Remote Phone Control 7821

Admin or Help Desk personnel no longer need to spend time traveling to user locations in order to resolve an IP phone issue or to answer a trouble ticket. See the actual IP phone display in real-time to perform tasks such as initiating a phone reset without going into CUCM Adminstration.

Control one or more physical Cisco IP phones

  • View the phone display real-time during testing, servicing, training, or troubleshooting
  • Press softkey, keypad, and other buttons just like if you were physically at the device
  • Train remote users on advanced phone features and settings such as Meet-Me and Call Park
  • Initiate and answer test calls, unlock and change settings, and send DTMF tones

Find controlable IP phones from multiple search criteria

  • Search by directory number, device pool, description, device type, and more...
  • Search results indicate current registration and extension mobility status
  • Both CUCM phones and those registered to CME can be remotely controlled

View real-time voice QOS stats such as jitter, MOS, loss concealment ratio, and other quality statistics

  • Identify where the phone's destination is for RTP traffic
  • Mean Opinion Score and loss concealment ratios
  • Jitter, packet loss, and active codecs

View device, hardware, and network configuration information for the phone

  • Physical switch and port location identification
  • Serial Number, firmware/app load, current active CUCM Server, and more
  • CUCM device configuration, directory numbers, BLF speed dials, IP phone services subscribed, and more

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