Cisco IP Phones Text Broadcast

Variphy’s Broadcast feature allows you to send informational or emergency text messages to one, or more Cisco IP phones. Imagine reaching multiple people at once, with a message that won't get lost in the notorious blackhole most commonly referred to as your email inbox. Variphy Insight enables you to quickly inform and notify your users as well as solicit and track responses.

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We know that you didn't purchase your Unified Communications system in order to send text messages to the displays of your IP Phones, but this is a welcome benefit that you'll receive with Variphy Insight.

As with the other features in Variphy Insight, our Broadcast feature is web-based and can be configured so that individual users can only broadcast to a certain group of IP Phones. No additional equipment is needed for our Broadcast feature to work, allowing you to dedicate available resources to other needs.

  • Send emergency or notification messages to one or more Cisco IP Phones
  • Create softkey buttons to display a response on the end-user’s IP Phones
  • Add and create a new Broadcast Distribution List in seconds
  • Example Messages: Network Maintenance, Company Meetings, Evacuation Warnings, Weather Warnings, Company Polls, etc.

Create new messages on the fly, or save and re-use commonly used messages

  • Enable an audible chime alert to play during message delivery

Create device Distribution Lists

  • Provision user logins access to specific Distribution Lists
  • Search for devices to be included in the Distribution List by Device Name, Description, Directory Number, etc.

Text messages pushed to Cisco IP phone display

  • The configured text message will be sent to the devices called out within the Distribution List
  • User will respond by selecting one of the programmed Soft Key buttons

Review user response results

  • Responses from each phone can seen in the broadcast results and exported to a report

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