Call Analytics

Call Search

Sometimes, all you want to do is search for a phone number or extension. Variphy’s call search feature makes the process simple. You can easily see where a call was answered, how long it was, where it was transferred, and who hung up.

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Call Flow

Do you have insight into your call flow? With Variphy, you can visualize the chronological order of events for each caller, from when they called into your system until they ultimately disconnected.

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Busy Hours

Call attempts, conference calls, and parked calls can take up your organization’s resources. Call traffic can arise at any time — Variphy can give you insight when it happens.

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Hunt Group and Call Queue Performance

Eliminate the guesswork when analyzing your hunt group performance. By monitoring call flows and usage, you’ll quickly gain insights across your UC environment.

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Answer and Abandonment Rates

The characteristics of answered and abandoned calls can reveal valuable information. Variphy helps you uncover the time threshold for each queue — and your customer’s patience level.

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Identify Dormant or Underutilized Phones

Do you know when a phone or end user hasn’t made or received your minimum number of calls? With a simple report from Variphy, you can instantly identify dormant or underutilized phones.

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