Agent State and Activity

See individual agents ability to take calls.
In real-time.

As a contact center manager, you need real-time call activity reporting on your teams. Variphy can help you maintain a high level of performance by providing you with valuable information like agent state and call details.

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View agent performance on any display.

How can you stay on top of your contact center’s activity? Variphy displays real-time agent performance data on an eye-catching screen, so you can make critical decisions as issues crop up.

Gather relevant,
timely data.

Get important call statistics and other information so your team can maintain a high level or performance.

Variphy helped identify an issue in a Contact Center script that was causing an unacceptable number of customer calls to get disconnected in the transfer process.
We have developed useful templates for rapid response reports required by different business owners.

Manage your call center agents the easy way.

Variphy gives you visibility on your top agents and who might need extra assistance.

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