Cisco Phone Macros

Cisco Phone Macro by Variphy provides the ability to remotely script, automate, and execute a sequence of operations on one or more Cisco IP phones simultaneously.

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Have you ever had to walk around your offices manually pushing buttons on IP phones in order to enable a certain setting (corporate logo, ringtone, erase a setting, etc.)?

The difficulty can be compounded with remote office locations, or phones behind locked doors. Would you be interested in a way to do this in bulk, allowing you to use your time more effectively?

Phone Macro provides a simple way of changing the backgrounds on all your IP phones, testing the MeetMe conferencing of phones at a satellite location, or even validating call admission control over a WAN link. In the end, using Phone Macro will reduce your administrative burden and increase your efficiency.

  • Reduce repetitive phone tasks
  • Change background images, update TFTP Server address, initiate test calls, lower ring volume
  • Schedule Macros to run automatically during the off-hours
  • View or email results automatically with before and after screenshots of the phone’s display
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