Call Flow

Track complete call flows in a single report.
From hello to hang up.

Do you have insight into your call flow? With Variphy, you can visualize the chronological order of events for each caller, from when they called into your system until they ultimately disconnected.

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Get the whole story.

When you receive a customer complaint about a call, how can you see where it went wrong? With Variphy, you can visualize the flow and find information, such as if the caller was bounced around or hung up on.

Determine how you are handling calls.

You need good data to make good management decisions. Track how your organization is handling calls inside and outside your contact center.

Tracking a fault within a call flow takes Variphy takes less than a minute.

Boost your customer service ratings.

You want your customers to have a good experience when they call in. We provide insight to help identify bottlenecks and misconfigured call routing so your customers are satisfied when they hang up.

Provide a positive customer experience.

Customers expect a positive experience when calling a business. Mercy Hospital uses Variphy’s call sequence tracking to deliver exceptional services to its valued customers.

Variphy’s call flow reporting enables us to track a complete call flow and export to a single report.

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