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Zoom Phone Reporting and Analytics

Variphy’s Call Analytics for Zoom Phone will allow you to search, analyze, and report on your team’s Zoom Phone call activity.

Generate reports on-demand or schedule for multiple output formats, including PDF, XLSX, CSV, & HTML.

Advanced Zoom Phone Analytics


  • Robust historical call log reporting
  • Fully customizable dashboards and widgets
  • Customizable drag-and-drop interface
  • End user, department, and other use cases
  • Permissions-based restrictions for users

Easy setup

  • Web-based cloud application with unlimited call log data storage
  • Instant view and search function for Zoom Phone call activity and data
  • PDF, XLSX, CSV, and HTML exportable report formats
  • Easy application updates
  • Award-winning US-based support

Call queue and Zoom Phone analytics

One Variphy dashboard

Variphy's drag and drop widgets combine call queue and Zoom Phone analytics on the same dashboard and also allow you to create statistical summaries, data tables, or charts on the fly.

Arrange your data the way you’d like to see it.

Full analytics and historical reports

Accessed by Variphy

Variphy quickly queries your call history within your Zoom Phone call history data, allowing you to quickly search, analyze, report and share with ease.

Add search criteria like Caller Number, Originating Party, Terminating Party, Combinations, Durations, Signaling, Call Identifier, Called Queue of inbound traffic, and even Caller Department or User Historical Options, showing user or organization information that has been expired or deleted.

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